Saturday, 28 June 2014

Violence on Our Streets

don't you just walk away when they say things?...remember that.

After recent rapes, eve teasing, some incidents of racial teasing(not sure what else to call it) have brought back the discussion on "what would you do if.." you are witnessing a crime like this. And now there are YouTube videos faking scenes in which a girl is getting raped in a closed van with tinted windows which is just recorded voices, a north easterner being called "chinki", "chini" and gauging the response of the passers-by. As expected very few actually stand up to the criminals and the video tells us in bold letters "Indians are cowards" or at least that's the implicit conclusion. One of the film makers also enlightens us that "people are scared of getting in trouble with the police" which is the main reason for no one standing up to help their fellow men.

Try putting yourself in one such scenario and see if the "fear of the police" is the only thing keeping you from standing up to criminals. There are some more fears at work here - the fear of a broken jaw or of get your guts ripped out. And these seems lost to these "social experiments". There is this huge context-dropping as Ayn Rand would probably put it at play in these short films.


Take the scene of a north easterner being bullied by a man. They want you to believe that it's going to be a nice dude in jeans and glasses softly defending and even trying to convince you (in english) of his right to call someone "chinki". The Nido incident in Delhi, it were four or more men at a pan stall who beat him with sticks rods till the end for "standing up" to them. All they want is you to stand up to the man. Now—is the man is armed? What's his physical strength? What's yours? How many are they? How many are you? What if he breaks your jaw at the first slightest provocation or stabs you? No answer. You must stand up or you are a coward is the judgement they want to pass.

Friday, 13 June 2014

The Psychology of The BAN

ask why?

 "Good the dance bars were banned, it saved so many families!"

"Nonsense!! all those girls lost their jobs for no fault of theirs."

" their jobs??!! . .Screw them yaar.. married men were throwing their hard earned money on these girls destroying their own families"

"That's an emotional response, you think banning will make people any more responsible? They lose control it's their fault, their problem .. top of this what is the bar's fault, you really think banning has stopped dance bars? It's just driven an entire legitimate business underground like with gambling, prostitution, drugs. This has just increased corruption in the police force and corrupted otherwise moral and honest officers because there's only so many assaults your morality can take..."

"noway those men lose control and get addicted to these dance bars and splurge money on drinks and visits..gambling is also destroying lives as people lose control and gamble their entire wealth away and ruin families"

"exactly.. "their money....their wealth..they earned it"..why would you want govt to play nanny here? It's for the families and those people to take responsibility and not be stupid about what they do..and again do you really think banning has done anything? NO! again it's driven the whole legitimate enterprise underground and now mafia controls most of it as the govt, law enforcement none can regulate or monitor it because it doesn't exist on paper. Legalizing all of it will create jobs, give govt revenue in taxation, govt agencies can regulate it, keeping the mafia out and most of all I don't even want to give you these justifications. I and many others can control our gambling like we control our drinking, gambling or visits to the brothel and would rather appreciate the govt keeping out of our lives and let us have fun!"