Wednesday, 6 September 2017

A Comment On Atanu Dey's Ganesha Post

Find the post here.

Well I have been following your blog for years now(probably read 500 posts and your book too) and understand your position on religion pretty well.

It’s something like:

  • Monotheism just thinks of everyone else as an infidel to be saved. Hence its obsession with conversion.
  • The monotheistic god comes across as a psycho sadistic despot.
  • They are close to all reasoning beyond what their books say.
  • Hinduism is open and welcoming to all people, a smart guy like carl sagan is also impressed how hindus get the age of universe almost right(or close).

In the end though I will just say that if the british had successfully converted the country to majority christianity things simply would have been better today.

All give and take today, modern christianity today is a far better myth to encourage than 2 million hindu gods or the religion of piece.

  • They value education.
  • They are mostly highly pacifist.
  • They practice live and let live most of the time.
  • They speak and understand better english! This alone would have I feel made india somewhat a nation of readers.
  • They become true and proper atheists when confronted with some good arguments.

I would also like to bring out a few points on hinduism in general. I recently got done with the amazing book Sapiens - A brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

Here’s how he challenges the idea that hinduism is polytheistic. And also explains how christian monotheism incorporated specific gods in the form of saints. Let’s just keep it to hinduism for this post.

In Hindu polytheism, a single principle, Atman, controls the myriad gods and spirits, humankind and the biological and physical world, Atman is the eternal essence or soul of the entire universe, as well as of every individual and every phenomenon.

The fundamental insight of polytheism, which distinguishes it from monotheism, is that the supreme power governing the world is devoid of interests and biases, and therefore it is unconcerned with the mundane desires, cares and worries of humans. It’s pointless to ask this power for victory in war, for health or for rain, because from it all-encompassing vantage point.

Basically the atman simply does not care what happens to homo sapiens.

He compares this with the greek god of fate.

The greeks did not waste any sacrifices on Fate. and Hindus built no temples to Atman.

He further continues.

Most hindus are not sadhus. They are sunk deep in the morass of mundane concerns, where the atman is not much help. For assistance in such matters, hindus approach the gods with their partial powers.

Precisely because their powers are partial rather than all-encompassing, gods such as ganesha, lakshmi etc have interests and biases. Humans can therefore make deals with these partial powers and rely on their help in order to win wars and recuperate from illness.

Which basically comes down to your last line of “That’s why I recommend paying appropriate bribes to him before starting on any endeavor” which sounds “cute” with all with the emoticon and everything.

But there are sad human tragedies behind this.

  • A family I know has been welcoming the ganpati for 3 yrs now, and this year a family member has been hit with cancer, they were already struggling with finances, then cancer and then comes gannu. One would think they could connect the dots and see that mr.gannu is not really interested in “removing their obstacles”. Alas, they are still at it. Bankrupt but at it.
  • A christian family would have enough sense to just have a few drinks less for christmas but gannu unlike jesus just won’t put up with that. Not inviting him after inviting for 2 yrs means a great misery will befall on you (like cancer?). Is that any different than the monotheistic psycho desert god yahweh?

Look at these wretched people below. No roads, no lights, probably haven’t eaten enough calories (unaffordable for most) for the day but “the remover of obstacles” wants them to dance on the road and block traffic and that they will.

poor hindus dancing on the roads for ganesha

People dancing for hindu myth ganesha

Are you trying to convince people that these idiots are more enlightened than the those eating the flesh and drinking the blood on sunday mornings? How exactly do you come to the conclusion that hinduism has a somewhat higher moral standing that christianity and islam?

On an empirical level they are all just myths but given the fact that humans need myths to get along, I think modern christianity is a much better choice than anything else.

We can further go into how the current hindu psycho PM is using this myth to set his power base. There is hardly anything you can say against him today. His mouthpiece swarajyamag carries articles on how hindi should be revived in tertiary higher education. 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Betaistan — How Hinduism Feminized Indian Men

In the information age we only hear about how patriarchy is a massive social problem. Amplified by the power of the internet in the form of "outrage". Step on a woman's toe in a crowded public bus in Mumbai and the next moment the bitch is on Facebook telling everyone how the "evil patriarchy" won't even let her get to her paper shuffling HR "career" in peace. Never mind the fact that BEST buses now have upto 8 adult seats reserved for these cunts, who never miss a chance to have a seat, just tap the old man's (her father's age) shoulder and point to the saaree clad (outrageous?) graphic on the side of the seat with her index finger. Then Facebook: "Empowerment:1 | Patriarchy:0."

This post is an attempt to explain India's lack of individual freedoms, a precursor to others like economic freedom in terms of gender dynamics which shaped the psychologies of it's men and by extension it's culture.

Let's begin with the diet, India has always been blessed with abundant farming land which I now think was also a sort of curse. The farming land very soon created a society based on grain consumption and animal husbandry which rightly evolved into other vegetarian values, because killing the very animals who were so productive in the field and otherwise would not have served the people well. The Hindu religion created this system of values—which is what religions do, they cement the beneficial behaviors of society by claiming some superior authority to them as per the times.

We even see the after effects till today, a PM elected to reform the economy and break India free of socialism got busy banning cow meat thus minimizing the already scarce individual freedom.

These Hindu behaviors and values then spread to other sects and tribes eventually. In Maharashtra and probably other states, there are up to 3 days a week when the Marathis are not to eat meat.

Vegetarian diets have been linked to a decrease in testosterone, an important male hormone responsible for masculine behaviors like emotional resilience, aggression, physical strength, body fat handling etc. This probably had an adverse effect on the cognitive capabilities as well. Slower brain development is a fact of protein deficient diets. The IQ of the Indian public is said to be around 83 on average, which is extremely low and probably explains a lot of irrational behavior Indians exhibit on an whole.

As already discussed before on Men building civilizations, societies only grow when it's Men push the boundaries to find answers and gain power, the Indian males simply couldn't do a good job at this, given their lack of aggression (because of the veg diet and the resulting Hindu value system) men have always called upon to push the boundaries of economic, political, intellectual and military thought.

All curiosity and intellectualism vanished as well.  For e.g. The sea which could have been a great mystery to be figured out and conquered became a god never to be "walked upon". Questioning one's own elders, even the village elders, the king became a big taboo, a blind respect to the authority became the norm. No wonder then that the country never escaped grinding poverty. Intellectual capital was never allowed to accumulate in such an environment of obedience.

Eventually even mothers took on the roles of an authoritative figure — even today it's a common sight to see adult men (mostly Hindu males) scared to marry against their mother's choice, much to the chagrin of their empowered partners who write to equally empowered agony aunts. This earned the Indian male the title of "mama's boys" internationally.

Masculinity was eventually brought down to a level of "service to society". A Man's biggest responsibility became to immediately get married upon coming of age and start a family to add more slaves to the system. This too is a common sight today. The number of Hindu men ruined by the weight of a family at 25 is almost tragic, of course in pop culture it is comical. Most choices of career, life partner and even their residence post marriage is already decided by the parental units. Some even dutifully handover the salaries to their fathers every month.

Easy to understand why men of such dispensation were not able to withstand or defend their societies to repeated foreign conquests. In fact as Will Durant notes, they rationalized it away as problems of another dimension.

The Hindus had allowed their strength to be wasted in internal division and war; they had adopted religions like Buddhism and Jainism, which unnerved them for the tasks of life; they had failed to organize their forces for the protection of their frontiers and their capitals, their wealth and their freedom, from the hordes of Scythians, Huns, Afghans and Turks hovering about India’s boundaries and waiting for national weakness to let them in. For four hundred years (600-1000 A.D.) India invited conquest; and at last it came. This is the secret of the political history of modern India. Weakened by division, it succumbed to invaders; impoverished by invaders, it lost all power of resistance, and took refuge in supernatural consolations; it argued that both mastery and slavery were superficial delusions, and concluded that freedom of the body or the nation was hardly worth defending in so brief a life. The bitter lesson that may be drawn from this tragedy is that eternal vigilance is the price of civilization. A nation must love peace, but keep its powder dry.”

Also easy to explain why Indian society never figured out or tasted the spirit of individualism. Or of freedom for that matter. No man dared to declare himself an end unto himself but defined himself as a means for society to be used as it pleases.

Generations of such poor diet choices mostly dominated by rice and dairy led to values and genetic changes, Indian men are extremely prone to fat gain and respond very poorly to muscle building programs.

But the biggest price was paid in terms of freedom, our male ancestors never questioned the conventional wisdom of the day, critical thinking and rational thought was suppressed to keep the powers happy, in fact rational thought till today has not entered the Indian psyche. Such a people only feel safe among "their own", this tribal affiliation is visible in how people vote even today.

In other words the diet and the resulting value system led to the feminization of men. As we see today, women around the world are more prone to be left leaning liberals and vote for leftist policies as against the policies which promote free markets, because a free market system requires a level of aggression and individualism which is a distinctly male characteristic unless it's driven out of them by cultural values and reinforced by vegan diets. Women in Sweden for e.g. are increasingly putting their entire societies in danger by embracing leftist values.

Something similar has been happening India all along for thousands of years. The feminization of men due to factors as discussed above created and environment in which only left leaning political ideologies took root, then in terms of kings and today in terms of modern democracies.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Swarajyamag Deletes Comment — The Mouthpiece of A Police State

The following is my comment posted under the article What DeMo And GST Would Lead To In 2019.

The comment has been deleted with no warnings whatsoever, below is a copy.

The whole issue with modi and his swarajya-rag's thinking was summed up really nice by in one of his demo posts;

In the worldview of the Middle Class and the government what matters is tax collection. What happens to 94% of the people of India — a rather wretched group — is immaterial.

In modi's view the state is supreme and the citizen only exists to pay taxes.

But this model can make the middle class happy for little while, happy in leftist wisdom of everyone paying one's "fair share".

The list of things to break their bubble is too big :

  • Most of the corruption in interacting with the state won't go away.
  • The "online sarkar" is turning into what i called "digital harassment", try filling up a form for police certificate or an CET exam if you don't believe me. Watch news for the Mumbai university online paper correction F ups! Results have been delayed for 2 months now.
  •  Laws and rules like drinking upto 25, prohibition in many states will continue to harrass people to no end!
  • Education from the primary to the engineering levels is a joke, primary kids can't write their own names, engineering students can't write a line of code (and names too in some states like bihar and UP)
  • What the hell is anti-profiteering law within the GST?! The govt officially says profit is a bad thing, no one in bjp reads hindu stuff like "shubh laab". They have gone after stents and now today's TOI says next is knee caps, because they make 450% profits! LOL!

The first PM also thought "profit is a dirty word"! WOW, modi has come a loooong way. And while we thought of him as lee kuan yew's "you make profit a dirty word and Singapore dies!!"

Moving on, the writer throws a bone to the middle class with:
One, invest the surplus in further accelerating economic growth by spending on infrastructure — good economics, good politics.
Unlikely, go watch YouTube news clips on Mumbai roads (BJP has 80 seats in the BMC and still complaints about Shiv Sena's 82!) or just wait, you'll get something on whatsapp!

Rather modi will definitely go with:

And three, fritter it away on entitlements like introducing the universal basic income — good politics, bad economics
hint hint - farmer loan waivers

AND THAT WAS WHAT DEMO WAS ALL ABOUT, FOR CHRIST SAKE!!! — Destroying the opposition cash reserves in UP!

And all this while the middle class has access to YouTube and Facebook, where they are teased with videos like these about driving on Dubai's world-class roads (jump to 5:30).

And the NRIs will do a damn good job of rubbing it. Funny enough, one can eat pork in Dubai but can't get a good beef roll in India now. hehe.

At the same time GOD EMPEROR TRUMP wants the best and brightest to come to US! More beef barbecue.

And it's the best and brightest Hindus who will leave too, if you have any doubts!

While Indian govt tries to hold doctors back "for the welfare of the country". Somebody in the govt took the stupid movie swades too seriously, be assured people will not put up with this.

Modi has taken his pro-individual rights supporters for a huge huge ride, I'm one of them, he lied to our faces.

Swarajya-rag should have criticized for these mind numbing mistakes of the govt as a vanguard of true right wing politics in India and maintained some allegiance to right wing individual rights principles or just change "read India right" to "modi does right".

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

An Indian's Guide to Empathy

It seems everything I think and gravitate towards has something to do with my country of birth, India.

I have never thought of myself has a "die for your country" patriot, in fact I believe death in all it's forms is so boring and hope that like Kurzweil reports, immortality would be soon be available, I'd even settle for anti-aging.

The feeling or the emotion I keep grappling with I think can be termed as "worry". I worry about this nation, it's fortunes and growth and so on.

To get more specific I worry about the bad roads in Mumbai which do not seem to be getting better ever since my mom walked me to my school and back, in "junior KG". That was around 1994-95. In fact I remember once in when I got to "6th standard", the "service road" right outside my building area was rebuilt with dark black tar and was rolled over to perfection. That fucking filled me with so much pride! I said to myself "fuck yes, India is marching ahead..ignore all those snobby UAE uncle aunties". I didn't really know "fuck" then, but the emotion was close.

Of course that road was "washed away" (as all elders around would put it) with the monsoon. Just like the road outside my building right now which was perfectly rolled with tar a week prior to the BMC election 2017. Now come monsoon, it's simply gone! Craters are literally the size of the ones on moon now. In fact most people now take this moon analogy to be a joke, it's fucking not! The holes really are that big, a rough circle like crater with roughed up edges, with a 3ft radius lies in the middle of road right outside the barber's where I used to get my haircut in the school years.

That was how I care about the roads for some reason, the same goes for the garbage and the filth, the BEST bus, the local trains, schools, kids and people on the road under the andheri flyover, somewhere around the Maruti "sai service" showroom.

A different emotion underlines all of these worries, it's misery. But I have never really been miserable directly because of this, being in the middle class and all that. Never directly affected. So I am not the "die for my nation" patriot, nor directly affected by it's wretched poverty (jayant's style) but just a good ol' homo sapien who is a 100% non sociopath. I have empathy.

This is a good time to mention how I have never quite taken to the standard displays of patriotism in this country. Never bought into the "cricket is a religion" BS, heck, it's a fucking boring game to me — it's not even a team sport! The whole thing rests on the "best" batting guy, and then the bowling guy when he fails. There is no build up, no teamwork in which every player plays a part to get the ball to the rival's goal post. And even then a LOT depends on the right pass, before a score and the entire stadium goes fucking wild! Sheer brilliance, few things can make you as happy as scoring in football.

One explanation for football never catching up here is probably the calorie deficiency! There's already stories about our players not having shoes for the FIFA WorldCup, probably a hoax, but understandable why such an hoax would come into existence. When 50% populations lives on the $2 per day while the 20% of the rest makes $3 per day and then the next 10% probably stuck at $5 (funny how they just leave it "50% less than $2/day" as if expecting it to slide by you the fact that the rest 50% isn't doing all that fucking well either!) it's pretty hard to get excited about running all day after a ball. And of course, we do not have the space, nor can most of us afford a nice pair of shoes.

And since "possession is nine tenths of the law", once cricket got into the psyche, it's stayed there. Hence a lazy boring game like it even today deprives most Indians of the joy of scoring a goal.

A next favorite is the army. I remember thinking since my early days — "there hasn't been a war in years, just what the heck are all those army guys doing?!". I have a pretty good idea of it now, and a lot more empathy for those dudes too. Lack of bullets, jackets, food, pension, the insulting 1lac bucks to their families when they die doing the army stuff. While I understand the importance of the army and it's role, I don't think it's something worthy of being proud of! I would feel much more pride if Mumbai figures out building roads like they should be in the 21st century!

Taking pride in your ability to kill never made much sense to me given how obvious it was that getting along and working together works out so well. Yes I understand the concept of justice, and how Tolstoy said "you don't want war but war wants you" then someone in china said "in peace prepare for war". All good. Point taken.

That simply puts the army into the "necessary evil" category right alongside the concept of government. Do you feel pride for the Indian government too?(email me if yes)

Too bad we've for ages assigned that to money. One of the reasons why India is in this state now. We will get to that later.

Moving on.

Everything I gravitate towards, somehow has the country in the center of it. At times this insanity calms down but then it comes right back.

Blogs like sabhlokcity and deeshaa, explain the origins of Indian's problem and possible solutions. Books like breaking free of Nehru and transforming India did the same.

Frankly, I just read them to understand why the roads suck so much. I got that and a lot more.

After few years I discovered podcasts, I then read all of Ayn rand's work just because two American guys kept talking about it, with bouts of "fuck the president" every few episodes. That got to me. From google street view I understood a long time back America has amazing roads, and still these guys seem to hate the government, not the politicians but the government! Very interesting.

By the time I was done with Atlas Shrugged, I hated the government too, never mind the politicians.

Once again at the core of the curiosity about Atlas Shrugged, America, and "fuck the president" was a desire to better understand what is it happening with India. 

And since we've already covered I'm not "die for country" type, I'm now sure most of the wind behind by sail of curiosity about India was good ol' Empathy.

To be continued..or not.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Trial post by error

For the past 30 mins i am sturggling with this blog setup

and i have not made a single pos

Friday, 7 July 2017

Relationship Goals

This is from a meme on fb or twitter or whatsapp etc. The meme generally has drop dead gorgeous heterogenous people—obviously dating, sometimes they add a baby into the mix and the whole thing will just blow your fucking heart out.

I mean only if you can look 28, have a six pack, a giant house in which there’s a giant bed i which your significant other (SO) is with or without the 1yr old, and you can still tell your SO’s boobs from her belly fat, well who wouldn’t fucking want that!

The only believable part in the whole meme is the cuteness of the 1yr old.

Now being 26 I am at the age where I having left behind by third world birth place I soon would be able to finally own a house, a huge bed and all that. It is the rest of the meme I am so worried about.

For e.g. the 1yr old protesting against the 1% at the age of 20 is a real nightmare even now when I am just 6+ the 20. How will I cope with it when it indeed happens.

And let’s talk about the vending machine which will bring the little rat into the world. It seems my focus on finding the highly educated of the breed won’t get me far anyway (always read reddit comments and not just the post). They just remain vapid, which just means even higher chances of the 20 yr old following karan johar on her Iphone while being anti-capitalist.

But at the same time the relationship goals meme conveys a message that the two beautiful people have been together since ever and love mastubate to nothing but only one another, how do you deal with that?

I in no certain terms want to let go of a chance to “drill a teen” as pornhub puts it just because I have a certain someone back at home, but of course I am not far enough on the left to actually consent her to an open marriage, which translates to “i’ve fucked 100s while he’s just fucked 2-3”, no no I’m too aware of “you can’t out slut a slut”.

So this leaves me with the only option which has always been the only option for anyone in my situation. That you arrange a different woman for each of your different goals.

There’s nothing to say that you must just have a single “relationship goal” once you are 25 and have read most of the list (excuse me if the list doesn’t exist yet). Your goal with a nerdy one might as well be to have a 1yr old who she will read Ayn Rand to and Indira Gandhi has the basis of a “strong woman”, while on the side your goal with a different one might be to slap her and shove something into her mouth, which she pretends to hate but actually loves.

And since you have already covered the two extemes of slapping a dick into one’s mouth and having the other read Ayn Rand, there’s lot of room in between where you just visit someone after work and work some more on her.

By now this article is sexist, misogynist, immoral, amoral and worth firing the dude if it’s ever found out who is the mastermind behind it, but at the same time it’s just a scared little boy looking out for himself, I hope you understand that part. A scared little boy who’s not had much success shoving pipe like things into female mouths now just just betting on his new found ability ($X a month) to do so while at the same time trying to meet the family goals of the shy boy.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

India Needs a New Patriotism

Patriotism needs to be downsized from its current size. It’s damn too big to be defined and even bigger and harder to put into practice. It expects you to love a country a million sq miles wide while the feeling and emotions of patriotism are probably coming from your local expereience of smoking pot at the beach in the night.

Because that’s the extent to which most people ever go. Most people won’t be traveling the length and breadth of their country, and the ones who do, probably do it to brag about it to others and mostly to themseleves. Not to fucking feel patriotic and understand the pains and joys of a billion people. For that you read.

Think about it. For most people in Mumbai, there is simply no subjective experience to feel love and oneness with someone from Chennai or Bengal. Other than the fact that we all are humans there is nothing else binding us together.

And if the common humanity is a good enough reason to be patriotic then why stop it just at the borders of India and not stretch it to all the nations of the world. A global patriot.

Nothin in the life of someone born and lived in Mumbai has any direct comparisons with someone from most other states. And the only common ground Mumbai people will share with most other cities in India is the western culture of partying, movies, hollywood etc. Nothing about that component is truly Indian at the core.

And when we take into consideration the not so urban areas in India, the situation just breaks down. Abject poverty and sharia level cultural restrictions are the norm. It’s probably more easier for the desperately poor people in india to feel some common ground for patriotism in their suffering than for the well to do. Because the cultural norms further only vary when you think about how the middle class to the rich spend their time. A millionaire gujarati won’t drink, smoke, eat non-veg nor be into casual sex while a middle class muslim guy does it. And ten other combinations are possible when you add in the marathis, tamil, punjabis and so on.

Just nothing which binds everyone together.

If you were to think about America here. The entire country speaks just the english language. Most of them do the same form of partying in their teens, most drink, smoke, eat chicken and fuck a lot of people casually. Everyone has the same options with the movies, music, books and the TV as they all speak only english, simply no market for a multi-lingual entertainment industry—india has hundreds. Why do we need to look at the skin color? Everything most Americans do all their lives is the same thing, same experiences at different age ranges of their lives. Their local level experiences are the same throughout the land. Quite easy to be patriotic.

And we are acting like we are a one united country of shared values and whatnot but we do not even have the same shared values with our next door neighbours who are vegetarian. Then we try to sell the myth of cricket and bollywood uniting us—a sport and a film industry which makes movies most in the language most of the country doesn’t fucking speak. Not happening.

Then we try to forge unity in the name of the “freedom struggle”. The irony being we would have not been a country if the british had not invaded us and brought together all the bikering nation states. India probably would have been a islamic nation had the british never come in, the mughal rule was strong in that period. And coming back to the freedom struggle—always painted as a movement all indians were a part of—in reality only one man, gandhi brainwashed people into his christian wisdom of turning the other cheek.

We did not fight at all. There was no organization which created a strong anti-british army, we did not give our blood to wrest back the nation from the oppressors at all. All we did is get beaten up with sticks by fellow indians working for the british. All while not fighting back.

All of our common ideals and values and history which is supposed to make us feel united as a country is nothing but propaganda propped by a state controlled education system. No wonder that by the time we’re adults no one really has even and inch of patriotism left in them.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Cheating Woman

Guys have a weird way of dealing with infidelity. They act like they are the supreme court, trying to figure out every bit and piece in the case and then reach a final verdict as if the entire nation’s future depends on their monogamous relationship working out.

When the woman is out they call her repeatedly to ask where, with who, for what. Now I see some of them even asking for the lady’s whatsapp location. Key loggers have always been around. I think the next stage would in this love survelliance program would be to install a firewall at home, enable SSL inspection and do a packet capture. Something I’d try myself for sure. Works for the learning too.

While I understand a guy watching out for his interests with such snooping, I’d at least recommend doing it covertly without the lady of the house knowing. Once the whole thing is out in the open to where you ASK her all those above questions, you might as well walk out than listen to a female hamster spin.

And while you are conducting the one man NSA program don’t forget to draw a line on how many times you want to put in the effort.

Having said this, do you even want to know? Most guys so miss that the fact that she’s done something to make him feel as if she is cheating is enough. End it. Show her the door. It doesn’t even matter if she’s actually tasted some other dude’s cock yet! The fact that set your instincts off like that is more than enough. But most guys insist on proof, might as well wait for the video to be up on pornhub for fuck’s sake.

But it’s understandable guys wanting to hold on to the fact that they are going to be proven wrong. Let’s fact it. As a man it’s fucking hard to get women. And depending on the tons of other factors unique to your circumstances—country, income, social circle, age. Things do not become easy.

It is because of this insecurity of “not finding someone else” or “as good as her” or “the best I can do” that most guys hide behind the charade of “finding proof” that their sweetheart bae is infact sucking some side dick. They want their suspicions to be false. They need them to be false.

So how much exactly is forgivable in this? What if she lies about meeting her mom and just meets her ex bf, but didn’t “do” anything? And you find out because your friend saw her with so and so. Acceptable?

I think most men today are confused about women on the whole. They are being braninwashed with feminism’s drum banging with platitudes like “women too can just have sex”. Nope, not at all the way men can.

This is not to argue that women do not like or enjoy sex, which is the spin most feminists try to put on a position like this so they can then beat it in argument. Age old straw man theory.

I want to take this from the position that the very fact that a woman would have sex with a guy, talking about the horny-fucking-like-rabbits-sex and not the lying deadfish-i-am-here-do-what-you-gotta-do-sex which they give to their arranged marriage husbands. The very fact that she wanted to fuck a guy that much is proof of the underlying love, emotions and respect she has for him.

This is very far from the pointless pussy men can indulge in. Simply look at the biomechanics here.

Women are not built for meaning-emotion-respect less fucking. The testosterone(T) is missing. An average male has 18 times more T than the most physically fit woman on the planet. The whole feminist meme that she just saw a guy, was turned on with the abs and fucked him. Simply does not stand.

In fact there’s an entire other meme which supports this. The meme that women always end up fucking a guy in the drunk state or in an emotional turmoil. Situations in which it’s easy to work her up to the fuck. Just makes her both bold and weak at the same time making her chase the physical gratification.

A sober woman cheating simply means that the guy she ended up fucking had a sense of humor, an emotional bond was formed and there was comfort. You can throw in the looks factor in there too.

But think about it, if looks played a major role than most women would be cheating all the fucking time—simply because of the high no. of hits even an average unfuckable fat monster woman gets every single day of her life. You bet a lot of those guys are the “good looking” type however you define good looks.

But that simply isn’t how it works. An emotional bond formed over a sense of humor and wit earns a woman’s respect, lot faster than simple toned abs and stronglift shoulders.

And a woman’s sincere heartfelt attraction always comes with respect. This sounds all old fashioned and outdated now because the left liberal feminist culture has turned the narrative very well. But evolution and biology are not turned that easy.

They can brainwash the minds of people using the establishment infrastructure—schools, universities, media, NGOs, governments but human instincts which evolved over millions of years, which has kept the race alive cannot be simply turned off. That explains their repeated failure to get men all hot and crazy for the fat whales and the cock carousel riding sluts—simply not going to happened.

Getting to conscious minds of the people is easy for the left. They have huge power with the estabishment infrastructure and hence are able to get to young minds right in the schooling years. And given how most parents especially mothers are just the by products of that establishment system, the kids grow up eating all the dogma of the left having never questioned it.

At the end you have grown women all shocked and surprised when they learn in their let’s get married years that most men don’t seem to dig promiscous women.

And men who are suprised that they were afterall not so okat letting their wife fuck someone else.

The survival instinct of which reproduction is an integral part rages through a man, while his liberal indoctrinated brain fights a losing battle to remain true to the feminist dogma “women are has horny as men”.

His million year old instincts to pass on his genes to live forever through them are firing away because they see that his only at that immortality—a child through his woman is in danger. Or might not be his. This he cannot take lightly. Not in 200 BC or in 2017.

While the philosophical debate of whether our childrean are really a way to immortality will always go on, man’s survival instinct simply does not know any better. Probably why sex is so much fun and people will go to great lengths for it.

Hence the woman cheating in a relationship or the sudden feminist cultural support for open marriages isn’t about women having high libidos—not in most cases but just a setup to convince the man to remain as a productive partner while she gets the sex she really wants from the men she really respects and to convince him that her lust for the extras is just a physical gratification with no real roots in her respect and admiration.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Pang of Nostalgia and Apprehension

2017-02-26 22_12_49-America, Then And Now _ Chateau Heartiste

Chateau writes:

Don’t be surprised if a pang of nostalgia and apprehension arrests you. The future of your nation and your people is dying before your eyes in a swirl of solipsism and baby substitutes.

I am a big fan of his writing style. And I do feel a pang of nosta lgia and apprehension on looking at this pic. I have always loved kids, the innocence, the cooing, the smiles and the wet kisses. There’s hardly anything to not love.

But his complaint that the future of white people and America is in danger because now we have a psychotic ideology pushing women towards cubicles and boardrooms instead of cradles and breatfeeding seems headed in a wrong direction.

Obviously the pic on the right is not enough to make a judgement on the lady but keeping line with the context I’d say that if hyper liberal women swallowing the feminist dogma choose to fill their life with cats instead of babies that’s probably a good sign for the country and the world.

I don’t know what the complaint exactly is about. He daily dismantles the left liberal’s shitlibs and their anti white and anti america rhetoric and then goes to complain about the very women not having enough white babies. That’s just asking for more democrat voters.

The idea that all women should have babies is equivalent to the meme that “everyone should vote”. That is obviously a very bad idea. That would have been a good thing if every voter was a thomas sowell fan and reader. And that is never going to be a case. We already have a culture of eternal victimhood and virtue signalling in the name of the poor, women or minorities. By making sure everyone votes, most people will only fall back to voting left.

Having Children

A second line of argument to make is to ask if everyone is even fit to have kids and wants to?

It is true that children are amazing to be around and there’s a lot about them to love, but that simply does not mean everyone should go for it or that everyone should want to.

The thing with nostalgia is that the idea of the past, the good old days, always elicits an emotional response in human beings. Probably because of the simple fact that we cannot go back to it. That is no argument to claim that the past was better than the present.

And wanting kids is a even bigger question everyone needs to ask as soon as possible. Whether you replace that with cats or career is not point. In fact it would be tragic is one were to blindly follow down the parenthood road just for sake of their people and country.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Atypical Facial Pain

That’s what they are calling it for now. Changes often.

For a long time the doctors thought of it to be Tringeminal Neuralgia. But now my third doctor, a pain management specialist has settled for Atypical Facial Pain. I was referred to him by a neurologist or a neurophysician I guess. That was my second doctor. The first doctor who I had gone to was I think a neurosurgeon. That one was a fucking whacko now that I think about it.

Makes me laugh when I see a doctor who is supposed to know a lot of health and the human body has a face like he’s been drinking and hasn’t slept. He had a tired look all the time and spoke like a drunk too. And horrible fucking talking manners, I think they are called bedside manners in doctor speak. This fucker showed no fucking sympathy to a patient who he himself diagnosed to be suffering from the world’s “worst pain”, the suicide disease.

Within two meetings he came up with a 4,00,000 rupee ($6000) radio frequency procedure for me to kill the nerves. Granted that it is probably one of those gold standard treatment options, but one would think he’ll do some more due diligence. And above all as I said, the fucker spoke in a way which hardly convinced me that he has my best interest at heart.

And anyway who does something worth $6000 without first spending some more $100s to get a second opinion.

Like this I ended up with Mr pain specialist. This guy at least seems he cares. I am aware that’s no substitute for expertise, but what the hell. You really want someone to fucking listen to what you are saying when it’s something like this happening to you. And the doc has or had a blog, not updated for a while though. But someone who writes and feels compelled to write, to me is a sign of deep thought and something genuinely sincere deep down in the person.

The Pain

There’s an entire history here now. But I think going deep diving into that doesn’t add much to the present situation. The point here and now is to share this with anyone else who might come googling the ether for something like this I am going through.

The pain initially was a nerve “tightness”, like a button sort of thing 1cm from my nose boundary on the left side of my face. I used to press that location in and massage it to feel “relief”, which doesn’t mean the pain would stop but it just soothed the tight block like feel I had.

Just like during a sore throat you keep grunting in your throat or use losenges or warm water which doesn’t stop it but soothes it for the time till you keep doing whatever you were to produce the soothing feeling.

Goes without saying this is awkward, the pain starts in any situation, at work or anywhere and you have to sit and press the nerve with your fingers and people see you doing it. Not to mention the twitch like movements you have to do with your mouth sometimes just to “hit” the “pain spot” in the nerves.

People understand sore throat but atypical nerver pain?. .Trigeminal Neuralgia? Not so much. I think it’s just best to explain it as dental nerve pain to people when they “catch” you doing that “weird” thing to soothe the pain.

The Pain Block Injection

The good pain doctor gave me a pain block injection to the nerve 1cm from nose border on the left side of my face(the pain location as explained above). It felt like the pain was in that place for a long long time. It was probably this which made and the first doc call this TN. And it is probably the location where he wanted to get the expensive radiation hit done to kill the nerve. He was also of the opinion for some reason that the block injections won’t work. And then boom. This block injection worked. The pain it seems was gone from that near-the-nose nerve spot.

This was done some 3-4 weeks back. And I have not felt much of the tight block pain button feeling in the nerve spot next to the nose.

Phantom Tooth

I don’t remeber the timeline very well, but within 1-2 days I started feeling the pain in my molar gums on the left side. This is where my pain history comes in.

The second last molar on my upper left side was the very starting point of this whole ordeal. I would feel a pain in this molar for a long time, then a series of ill advises from the dentists began. Never skimp on dentists—or any healthcare professionals. They will cost you a lot more when they fuck up. And goes without saying—Your main doctor at every step should always be the internet.

The first was a lady dentist, she did an single tooth x-ray and found no problems. Then an OPG was done. Which started a whole new tangent in the story. It showed that a lot of my wisdom teeth remained “inside” in slanted position and would probably never make it out. She recommended I fix this part first, it took me 1-2 years to get that sorted out. A surgery was done to get all those crooked wisdom teeth out from the lower left side. There was one “inside” wisdom tooth in the upper left side, which was not taken out.

Then I came back to her for my intial upper molar pain for which I had come to her in the first place.

None of the xrays showed any problem with this tooth. And still the next step suggested was root canal! (These are the points when you should go to the internet) I am not sure how much of the blame relies on them. They obviously are not trained to think through such situations, being only a local dentist! And given how complex the human body is, it’s just next to impossible for one person to even remember and think through all the many possibilities. Read The Checklist Manifesto to understand how complex things can get.

The RC was done. Nothing achieved. The tightness like tooth pain was back. Still the doctor did not think in terms of complex problems like atypical facial pain or trigeminal nerves etc etc. Nothing. She was leaning on the option of extraction. Again here I should have gone to the internet, I did not.

If anything I think during the RC, she did some “cleaning out” of the nerves using a needle like the ones used to pin paper to the notice boards. I have a feeling it just further damaged something deep inside the tooth structure near the nerves as she was pushing it deeper!. .JESUS FUCK.

At this stage I was comtemplating taking the tooth out too. And since I was losing all trust in this lady dentist who I thought screwed up my RC, in all my fucked up wisdom I went to another local dentist. Only if I knew that these local doctors don’t really have any idea or skills in critical complex medical thinking. Their entire career is just sitting down and dealing with simple cases like pulling a few obviously rotten teeth and doing some RCs in much simpler cases where a simple xray tells you there’s a problem.

And it doesn’t help that poorly trained professionals have the same human ego as anybody. Both these nut cases did not refer me to a surgeon or a specialist. They just wanted to do it themselves! It’s easy to pin this on greed and say their motivation was only money, but as already mentioned, things are very very complex when dealing with the human body and doctors like most people simply miss some things.

With him I first did a surgery to take out my upper left “inside” wisdom tooth. The required surgery also cost me the last molar on the upper left side. Now the only thing left was the initial molar on which RC had already been performed.

The tightness gripping pain simply did not stop even now that all my crooked wisdom teeth were out. I made the decision to get this one pulled as well.

And lo and behold the pain did not stop even after that.

The Pain Now

Now we’re back to the point in time since the pain block injection.

I now think the pain was always in the same space in the gums where I had the early problems with the initial molar which started the whole thing. And the RC and the extraction probably just damaged some nerve further due to excessive attempt at “cleaning out” the nerves during the RC by the first dentist and the inital upward thrust the second dentist used right before he pulled the tooth outward.

This pain later spread out to the point to the left of the nose and I felt that’s the problem area. But now after the block I feel no actual tight button like nerve block in that location at all. What I now have is a small wound like pain in inside my gums where the very first initial problem molar was.

When I try to visualize the pain I feel it to be like a ball of wound like thing inside the gums just a little inside the surface. It reminds me of those pin like insertions the first dentist used to make to “clean out” the nerves during the RC. She would rub the pin to the side wall of my hollowed tooth and at times the pin would go a little too deep and hit the nerves in the top—and it is this pain sensation I feel now in a wound like form.

This definitely must have affected me psychologically. I cannot really pin point how and in what instances, but one case comes to mind is when I read up on psychological stamps, a concept in transactional analysis. In short it means that you keep a track of things happening to you  without any reaction and then one day you “cash” them in. Like in my eg the continous non-stop pain that I am going through, I use it to justify wasting time listening to music, watching the same tv shows again etc vs let’s say studying for my career certifications. It’s kind of an rationalization enabler.

Or perhaps I really just do it to get my mind of the pain. It is much easier to do so while watching breaking bad than with say studying checkpoint firewalls.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Don’t hate the politicans, HATE THE GOVERNMENT

Om Puri died some days back. To remember him, IndiaTV was replaying his appearance on the Rajat Sharma show AAP KI ADALAT. There the actor did what we all do every fucking day of our lives—abused the politicians. He basically called them the lying little degenerates that they usually are. All good. The people were very happy to hear it of course. Laughter and clapping broke out in my living room as well. I think in that gap of 2-5mins it was reinforced for the millons watching that clip on TV that indian politicians are scumbags who can never ever be trusted. All well and good. ..

Now comes the but, the big BUT. How is it that most Indians who so well understand the politicians are scumbags who cannot be trusted are so in favor of having the govt on their backs all day? All you got to do is bring up the topic of the govt’s monopoly in the railways, the govt ownership of MTNL and BSNL, the fact that you need to take govt’s permission to sell alcohol in a restaurant or drive a public transport vehicle, the govt control on primary and higher education which has simply destroyed our education system and by extension the nation.

You bring this point up and the initial response you get is a weird pause. Then some hesitation sort of reaction and in the end the rationalization—”it probably must be something”. The fallback to the line of thinking that “if they’re doing it, it must be something” is the curse to our indian society. It is a refusal to think and an acceptance of authority just because of the fact that IT IS THE AUTHORITY.

This is an attempt to convince my fellow indians that the SINGLE BIGGEST IMPEDIMENT to human progress anywhere in the world is the institution of GOVERNMENT. The institution of government is “a necessary evil” personified. In fact I simply cannot think of any other entitiy or object for which the phrase fits better. Right now I can almost hear the years of leftist programming shouting inside of you, here’s the antidote to kill that cancer once and for all. Well it might not kill it just now, but sure help you fight it.

The Nature of Man

Man cannot live alone. Go through your day and count how many times did you deal with a fellow man using money for exchange of his time and effort. Even better think of all those times you were desperate to buy something, maybe a bottle of water, willing to sell your fucking soul for it and found there’s no one around selling one.

That’s the simple natue of man, we contribute to society and create value in whatever form we can and get paid for it. A simple value exchange between two parties coming to an agreement out of their own volition and no force whatsoever.

This system is mostly perfect for the most part.

The simplicity of the system is what baffles most people and grips them with fear, “how could something so big and complex be so simple?” is what people keep wondering but give up midway after asking the question and never really try enough to find an answer.

The part where the system fails is when one or more actors in the system decide to “pull a fast one on joey”. This can be some unemployed kid snatching your purse after dark in the street or someone sliting your throat for your watch or a million dollar multination refusing a replacement for your under warranty malfunctioned gadget. Some of these are the criminals who want to take what you have by force and others those who went back on their mutually agreed contract with you.

As much as we enjoyed the Taken movies, in which the man personally sets out for revenge we simply cannot organize society like that.

Nature of Govt

If men were angels, no government would be necessary.
— James Madison.

Government is a monopoly on the use of physical force. Govt is the only institution in human societies which has the right to make someone comply with it at gunpoint, given to it by the people it governs.

But that doesn’t mean the govt can do so directly on its own. An objective metric has to be worked out. This objective metric is put in place by a system of checks and balances and division of duties.

The government maintains the police system to maintain law and order, the justice system in the form of courts to objectivly pass verdict and punishments and the legislature to create laws, rules and regulations aimed at bettering the society and preserve individual freedoms.

These are the internal functions of the govt within the society it governs, there is one major external function the govt must undertake and do so in the best possible manner — military. The govt must maintain a world class military to defend the country from external enemies. 

We can some more things for the govt to do, such as building infrastructure, creating a social minimum so that no citizen is afflicted with abject poverty to the point of starving, having a response team like the fire fighters, ambulances for emergencies etc. The debate on these minute policy decisions can continue.

All that given, the ideal core functions of a govt end here.

The reality is different.

Govts all over the world have taken upon themselves much more additional duties. This was never required, but they did so for political reasons which has only suited the politicians very well and no one else.

These duties range from running postal services in the US to running car manufacturer companies like hindustan motors in India while allowing no competitors within the country or from the outside of it. The former probably messed up passing around some letters and cost the american public $10billion while the latter built a third class copy of the Morris Oxford and called it the Ambassador. All this while touting about people being in the waiting line to get their Ambassadors, never mentioning that it was only so because it was the only car available in India at the time.

One might think the Indian govt might learn some lesson from that failure. That hardly seems the case though.

Today the govt still has its fingers dipped in tens of businesses, and the outcomes have been simply devastating for the economy and the society. Take for eg the Air India run by the govt of India since the 70s. From 2005 to 2016 its accumulated a loss of close to $10Billion and that’s just a round figure, the actual loss is definitely more than that. That is a 60,000 crore loss in rupee terms. Others in the same boat are govt run firms like MTNL, BSNL the BEST electricity and bus transport company in mumbai. And the biggest monster of it all The Indian Railways.

The BIGGEST scams are underway in open daylight and cost the indian society billions of dollars which could have been spent in infrastructure building, police and court modernization and the indian army. What’s more is the indian railway now runs regular death trains with a record number of train crashes every year causing 100s of deaths. All this while evident that the pvt industry has done a better job of providing all these services at the best prices.

Indians still seem to be confused though. The hindu culture of automatically respecting any authority without questioning as never given a deep thought to these economic, political philosophy and principles.

Nature of the Market

The market isn’t real.

It’s a system, or a illusion or whatever created by MAN. Created to fascilitate exchange of value for value.

No one of us can live alone, not for long anyway. To not only survive but to grow, enjoy and truly live a life takes a lot of things to be in order. That includes simple things like food, clothing, water, a house, education and complex things like medicinal research, surgery, automobile manufacture, communication technology like the internet and then there’s the fun stuff, the movies, music, books.

All this must be provided by someone for someone else. Al this must be maintained and worked upon to improve and reach it’s full potential. And that needs financing, expertise and most importantly time.

The market achieves all of this spectacularly well, it brings different people from various ethnic, religious, nationalities together together in a system to exchange whatever value they can provide and take whatever value they need—till they pay for it. Till the seller agrees to the exchange, you have a deal.

It is this magnificent system created by man that allows someone doing as rudimentary a job of cleaning and sweeping to fly in a commercial airliner like a boeing 747 or an airbus a380. The sweeper can exchange the value of his work and live through diseases like the malaria or jaundice or get access to a life saving surgery after an deadly accident.

The market brings all the skills, talents and visoins together in an exchange system which benefits all the voluntary participants. There is no force of any kind.

The most amazing accomplishment of the market is that it buys you time—time to live. Think about having to grow all the food you’d ever need by yourself. Or building a car, or even repairing one. Think of building a smartphone or the internet. In an market you don’t have to. You simply contribute in anyway you can in your own abilities and talents and you can expect an equivalent reward.

Since cybsecurity skill sets can’t really be measured and exchanged with pharmaceuticals which again has the same problem, the market uses a means of exchange—money.

To be continued..

Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Manali Edition — The Guide

I went around to Manali and Shimla with my family at the end of last year in dec.

Lots of thoughts about the trip. I did make some notes, this should be fun.

Since I plan to write this out in parts, let’s start with the guide+driver+ a cool guy who brought us lot of charas.

His name is Amar.

Amar works for some car owner guy in Delhi and my brother booked him for the Delhi to Manali drive and then the driving around in Manali itself. We had a hotel booking in the Vashist area. He picked us up at the delhi airport. The first look of him scared me, or let’s didn’t generate a lot of trust, it’s I think my natural paranoia of trusting people, least of bit drivers. It was a little hard to ascertain his muslim/hindu look from the face. His hair was medium length, not combed and hence all stayed in the downward direction and he spoke hindi with the delhi punjabi accent style.

As I got to know him he really became one of the highlights of the trip. On the delhi to manali overnight trip, on a break stop for some non veg amar offered me and brother his favourite of substances—charas. My brother actually had asked him for it before. He had became of an acquaintance with the guy by now. I had became more of a weed fan by now since I did not appreciate the cigarette mixing required with the charas. But what the hell, we smoke it up. My paranoia was still around by that time around 11PM. I had thoughts of what if he tries to rob us and here the only two men of fighting age are getting stone with him. Insanity.

Later in Manali this became a good ritual for nights at 10PM. Me, my elder brother and his wife would convene with Amar in the hotel open restaurant and light up. The view was splendid, but not visible because of the dark. The ambience was amazing, shivering cold and silent, with the mountains to our side and with dim orange lanterns above our heads, just enough light for amar to roll his professional slim but broad-at-the-end joints.

This open restaurant wasn’t a terrace but a long horizontal balcony connecting to the dinner area and the kitchen. There was a pool table outside the kitchen.

Charas was so acceptable here. Straight away it was on display how any kind of govt bans are just useless, no one gives a fuck about them when the culture has alread approved of the banned entity. People everywhere here smoked up all the time. And some were definitely shocked to see the lady with us smoking it up. Obviously the cold harsh reality of life here didn’t allow for feminism’s silly tantrums like they play out in our cities with modern technology around men who have fries and coke for dinner.

Amar had amazing viewpoints for someone who makes around 8k rupees or $120 monthly. Adding tips to that he said his final salary comes to 15-20k which is around $225. He sends some of it to his home in some village which in UP. Says he left the family home as a child and rarely visits. He has a philosophy of staying away from home so that he doesn’t get too attached, then maybe he won’t be able to leave and continue his work. And the little he has to offer them is from his work.

I couldn’t figure out if he enjoyed the work. He is always on the road, traveling between states on national highways or else taking people around locally at some tourist spot. From his finances his condition was obviously bad, he said he couldn’t save much. By the end of whole trip, after our last dinner when amar joined us at the table, the only time he did, in a quiet moment with my brother he shared something which really broke me inside when I later heard about it once we were back in mumbai.

Amar would always make excuses that he’s already eaten whenever we would offer him to join us for lunch or dinner. I took his word for it and never pestered him. I explained it away that he feels awkward probably because my parents are along that time. Then my brother told me once home that amar just tries to have only a single meal a day to save some money. This was after we just had blew over 1000 rupees or $20 at dinner that evening. My brother thought he probably came to terms with the extent of his poverty and felt like sharing this fact of his life.

I wasn’t yet able to wrap my head around the fact that he makes only 8k as official salary for the huge hours of driving on those dangerous roads. And on nights sans sleep. Uber drivers make a decent 40000 rupees by just driving 10-12 hours in the cities these days. This new detail of his life was really a lot and hit me hard inside.

This was a life of suffering. There was no doubt. He had alread decided on not getting married given his bleak financial condition. That was some really smart thinking and insight. There are just too of men in this country married too young with no financial prospects and struggling everyday with the weight of a wife and mostly a child just for some vague societal compulsion of being married by a certain age.

I previously mentioned about him having a really good worldview. His views on politics impressed me too. I took him for sort of a modi fan given his background of hanging around with hindu gurus and babas during his travels to the temples and the gurus there and such. Far from it. His views in fact matched with bill burr’s answer on the recent trump election. He told me straight out “doesn’t matter who is in power, it is you who puts the bread on your table”. While things are definitely more complex than that, too many liberals do not seem to understand the simple fact. That it’s YOU who in the end does things, not the govt or the politicians.

I think it’s just the long hours at the stearing wheel on single meal a day that does this to a man. It makes you confront reality in a way most liberals just don’t have to while they are out there with their mac books and coffee bumming off the free (probably) unsecure WIFI connection at most phoniest of outlests—starbucks.

Even as I write in the comforts of my middle class indian household bitching about the very uncomfortable chair I am sitting in, that guy is probably out there on some national highway negotiating dangerous fucking turns with a steep valley on the side and no barricades. He probably complaints too, it’s just that there’s no one to listen to it. And in all probablity he will never ever have anyone either.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Day’s End

The day for me around 12AM.

That’s where I decide to call it quits for whatever it is i’m doing and going to sleep, trying to follow the wisdom of 8 hr sleep.

But for some reason my mind does not agree with me and starts playing games. One such game is “missing out on”. My mind gets into this listing mode where it wants to do more and accomplish more before going to bed. And obviously it’s already failed because like most mortals I can only do so much in a day.

I think somewhere in the back of my consciousnesss I am sad that I did not finish more of what I had planned to. And like everyone I plan a lot for a day.

Writing, running, watching my IT training videos, working on getting my career certifications and so on.

As the day starts it seems I waste a lot of it in between watching tv shows, on youtube and get very little done. The times we live our amazing but it’s strange that this one thing is become so central to it all. The laptop. I work on it, study on it, write this blog on it. And obviously my brain gives into the temptation to open and watch 1 youtube video or that one scene and the next thing you know it’s been 45mins and eyes so tired that you have go and take a break.

As the day keeps progressing you don’t get time to think of how much time you are wasting in the moment. After all who has ever questioned himself on time management in the middle of a youtube video?

But it is the day’s end when the mind has finally accepted that since it’s late there is no chance to play around but to only start>shut down. It this when suddenly it hits that nothing much was done today because the time was spent somewhere else. It this reckoning which brings sadness and anxiety.

The anxiety then asks questions. Why was that time wasted? What about that new job? Why didn’t you work on that certification instead of spending the time on a tv show? Why didn’t you go out and socialize instead of living through those perfect friendships from tv shows?

What will become of your life?

BMC Elections 2017 — Pick BJP End the Shiv Sena

Finally. The BJP has asked the Shiv Sena to fuck off.

Ending the Political Families

Hope it remains that way forever. The SS is nothing but a family factory of the thackereys in Maharashtra just like the Congress is for the entire country. And lord knows, neither Maharashtra nor India has the strength or the time to suffer more rahul gandhis.

The SS prince to be Aaditya is definitely competition to the RG. I remember his first mark on the political scene was arm twisting the Mumbai University to withdraw a book from its syllabus which called out the SS on the rioting fucking goons they are. The boy came of age by burning the book, which had he probably read, would have helped him turn out to be something more than the RahulGandhi he is destined to be. But what the hell, the book sold more copies in the aftermath than it ever would have.

That’s how they function, pretty sure that everyone in the family made their first mark by setting something on fire—a rickshaw, a bus, I know for a fact the other psycho who formed the MNS had the time of his life setting taxis on fire because they were run by the bhaiyas of UP. Any wonder now that the SS bosses are running to MNS to form an alliance now? They know their game is up, and they are scared. When those in the corrupt corridors of power painted by the blood of the generations of the ignorant and the poor are scared, you know the tide has changed, we the people are winning.

And it was these people who have been in power at the BMC since forever. Fucking is it any wonder that mumbai has literally gone to dogs? Mumbai has failed at everything. Listing out the things that mumbai sucks at would be a waste of bandwidth at this stage. Every person here dreads stepping out of the house now, and the fear is not death by terrorism but of the life sucking the city does with the overcrowed buses, the trains, the traffic and the roads. Oh boy the roads of Mumbai deserve a separate post or probably a book.

It is completely unbelievable that something as simple as building roads has been a problem here since I was ten. But of course I live in one of the poorest of localities so it’s pretty standard for the SS to have never given a fuck. They only bothered with the roads outside their own bunglows.

Such a lack of vision has gone unforgiven for a long time now. They have for long played with the emotions and feelings of the marathi people but in the internet era they have been completely stripped naked of the lies and the deceit. Their hypocrisy was evident when the preachers of maratha language greatness sent their prince aaditya to take german lessons INSTEAD of marathi, HAHA! And that too in the finest private schools the city has to offer.

While the real marathi kids—the sons of the soil as the SS calls them, were pushed into the darkness of a marathi language education, this lack of english education forever paralysed them in the 21st century dog eat dog job market. But the SS would want nothing better than that to happen. Keeping the sons of soil down in the dirt has been their entire politics. A well informed electorate is hardly any politician’s dream in this third world country.

Today prince aaditya brags on twitter about the digitisation in the govt schools, I don’t know where these people left their conscience. For all I have seen in the govt schools is a severe lack of pencils, benches, fans, teachers and most of all the english language. The number of people I know who have forever wondered how their lives might be better had they come out of an english education system. They not only destroy people’s lives with their politics of division and socialism but having done that further mock us by how they have made “digital education” possible.

Why the BJP?

I must start with honesty. BJP is of the same pack. They call themselves right-wing and free marketeers but probably very few in there have any clue what either of those mean.

In 2014 we chose one of them with a clear majority for the central govt, he promised us of “less govt and more governance”, but once having tasted power, he threw all of those priniciples out and went ahead with the mai baap sarkaar style of telling us what we can do and cannot. In this case he appointed himself as an authority who decided one fine evening that We Indians use too much cash and should be brought in line, that’s exactly what he set out to do.

He has not only strangled the economy which he was chosen to set free but is responsible for killing few us who went to get back our own earned money. Probably makes you whether those few dead were the lucky ones having finally escaped this third world land.

But we as a society have been at critical juncture for some time now. We can no longer sit for the ideal party to come along, of course there is plenty of hope in these amazing times of the internet and some people are working very hard to organise a political front.

Till then we need to begin by demanding that at the least no sons and daughters be imposed on us. There is simply no room for that now. India has paid the price for that since 1947.

BJP today is free of a single family influence and talent and merit still hold some value in there when it comes to rising up in the organization to realms of power. THIS is a very good first demand we ought to make from those who claim to represent us. We have seen first hand how Modi rose inside BJP ranks from the lowest position on the back of his political and administrative skills in Gujarat. And towards the build up for the 2014 election the BJP succeeded in keeping the likes of power hungry Advani and Sushma swaraj to step aside and the entire party got behind the one true leader during that time—Modi.

It was this most basic system of backing merit and talent which brought back the country from the decade of decay, and it so with a single party majority of 282 seats and at once crushed the socialist nehruvian nightmare of the last 65 years—The nehru gandhi family run CONgress.

There in lies our salvation. That no more we Indians will be ruled like a 11th century fiefdom but a 21st century republic that wants to be led. That we no longer quietly accept as God’s plan another moron born at the right place as our king.

We know better. We demand better.


Monday, 30 January 2017

Thoughts on Rajesh Jain’s(RJ) Free A Billion(FAB)

Check their website here.

The first thing you notice about FAB’s members or their “core operations” team (I think ) is how liberal they all look. A lot more like congress voters all of them than the right wing BJP’s and defnitely not DJT supporters. LOL!

And xavierites all(or most) of them. That college in churchgate named after a mass murderer who only cared about converting hindus and destroying temples. Any wonder that their principle in the past came out against modi and implicitly pleged support for the congress’s failed socialist policies like NREGA.

The princi spoke not a word about the scams of the congress and cited that the anti modi economist amartya sen supports the NREGA scheme.

And given the general trend among most young people I believe the FAB team probably supports NREGA too! lol.

Most of them were basically doing this as an internship or something while in college and probably didn’t have any real heart at understanding economics, capitalism etc.

Yet they were now entrusted with the task to “teach” capitalism to a mass of illiterate people. More precisely they are trying to teach people about the ancient BMC Act of 1819 or 1865, you get the point.

Obviously this isn’t fucking easy at all, a lot of the people who show up to their rallies and meetings were probably illiterate and even the educated ones were not the libertarian types by any stretch.

Further expanding what they are trying to do is to create a pressure group in mumbai who will together vote for the party which agrees to policy and economic reforms such as repealing of that old BMC act and replacing it with a modern one, getting a bill passed so that Mumbai can get an elected mayor with enough powers to run the city, decentralised from the state and centre.

I think their whole plan came unraveled though. Their calls and texts started to dwindle and then most meetings they would plan had to be canceled as no one showed up. Expected and sad. Rajesh Jain easily blew up lot of cash on this.

From the intial plan of coming with a modern replacement Act for the 1819 act and holding meetings with parties and civil societies and then deciding on the the party to vote for which promises the reforms etc they shifted the goal post to vote NOTA. And from the initial volunteer based organization plan they got desperate enough to try to lure people with certificates and cash.

At this stage a lot of questions come up for which there are no easy answers:

  1. Rajesh Jain(RJ) has been instrumental in getting modi the 272 seats, is he now no longer a BJP supporter?
  2. Deriving from the first question, which political party did FAB plan to vote for was vague from the beginning, they said “one which promises reforms” — well, they all would gladly do that, irrespevtive of the fact that most candidates probably can’t even FUCKING spell REFORM! And the BIG FUCKING JOKE is MODI probably PROMISED THE “Less government more governence reform” to RJ when they were in talks for the 272 seats movement. He got 282 and see what that got us.
  3. Now FAB is banging the NOTA drums. Lord knows what NOTA even achieves. There are some rumors out there which state NOTA on getting the maximum votes will result in a re-election. If that is indeed true then that’s a BIG FUCKING problem and NOT something good as widely believed. A re-election will cause massive public money expenditure and nothing else will change anyway. But that’s just a rumor.
    1. What NOTA actually is, is just a registry to register the wish of some citizens to say NOTA and there for the public record. It has no value whatsover other than that.
    2. It does appear that given the huge FB likes FAB now has, NOTA will indeed see a huge surge in the coming BMC elections. But as stated already, will achieve nothing.
  4. The reforms FAB wants to bring in, the mayor and repealing acts—can they even be done without constitutional amendments at the state and the centre level? I’m no expert so I’ll just leave this point at that.

In the end it seems like FAB lost all direction on what it is they wanted to do.

And it also is a stark reminder of how little people understand and read on ideas like economic freedom, free markets, capitalism in Mumbai. If this was done country wide there probably would be a huge base of supporters. Maybe that’s what they will do next.