Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Let’s talk fuckin Money

You don’t a lot need it. But it’s good to have as much as you can of it.

Money is about Men. Let’s start with that. Yeah there probably are 10% high testosterone ambitious empow wiimmeen who want to money as much as Men do but fuck em`, lol, they’re an exception and not the rule, and the rule is most of the chicks know in the subconscious hindbrain of theirs that they’ll surely get a high income Man (who they most probably won’t be deserving of) but nontheless they are sure to get him and have that cosy life their mothers brought them up with or fathers if you get one of the “daddy’s princess” psychos.

Now that we got that out of the way. We already saw in the above para an example of “money is about men”. But I don’t like that context. Bluepill societal dictat that Men ought to have money and be successful to take care of the fat sluts coming out of their party years at 28. I’d rather have that Men save up every last penny for their financial security, for their parents and family instead of let an ex cock rider buy shoes with it. And of course whore around and snort coke of their ass cracks every now and then. At the end they’ll probably find an unicorn to put the proverbial “ring on it”(seems unlikely though).

While money is extremely important I want to find some context to that.

How much does a Man need?

Anyone with above average intelligence and work ethic can make a decent house, car, clothes come true for himself in today. Say thanks to the gods of capitalism. You can always better those things to always keep upgrading, sure, but to what fucking extent? Do you really need to go from a 3GB  RAM phone to 6GB one? Fuck NO! Dumb cunts who do not even know what RAM is do that. You wanting that is just the feminine culture getting to you. Indulging in mindless materialism just to fit the ideological poster child of being empowered and ambitious is what the femcunt narcisstic KULTURE is all about.

I want to bring your attention to something bigger. The thing which will wipe all that you own if you mess it up, your real #1 asset — HEALTH.

Ask me I am looking at an 400000 rupee surgery for my face because I’m suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia aka the suicide disease. And this probably for no fault of my own, the dentist fucked it up during the RC, so that should give you a pretty fucking good idea on how a single blow to you fragile frame of flesh and bones can put you up by a decade.

I’ve always questioned what most Men plan to do with their fortunes and I guess they don’t have a clue themselves. Personally the only answers I have come with is books, clothes, some travel, some good times at the expensive clubs and I’d rate the most books a priority on that list. After that with what’s left I would factor donating to blogs and the alternative media which puts out the right ideas which can save us from the liberal BS out there in the mainstream today.

But what after that? And I think they have the answer in the subconscious which they can’t reach. They are just saving for a major blow to their fucking liver or the heart. In Games People Play psychologist Eric Berne explains about his theories of a “life script”. About how we all have decided an answer to the question “what happens to a person like me?” while we were 4 years old. Of course we don’t the answer any more than we know the script but it’s part of our daily functioning.

And sadly for most men today the answer seems to be that “a guy like me works to death in a job he hates, married to a wife he probably hates, with kids who hate him and think of him as no more than a walking wallet. To put this out of my mind I come home, drink to death infront of the TV and never having seen the inside of a gym I go out like a sick fat dog with liver or heart poisoning.” That’ll will cost you some fucking money. That is an expensive fucking script to have.

That answers what most most men will do with all the wealth they so desperately make, they will it lose it at the hospital to extend a life not worth living.


Monday, 19 December 2016

Prostitution will save Men

The funny part is a lot of guys seem averse to the idea of paying for fucking. It’s the same “wanting sex from women is wrong” training these modern men have received their entire lives at work here. The natural instinct of wanting a woman for casual sex only and getting a whore once in a while today to most men probably feels like rape. Oh and just an hour back I got called a “psycho” by my good childhood friends for having the balls to flirt with a girl I had never spoken to before in my life.

A rape is happening every second if you ask me — of boys by the dickless monster called feminism.

The narrative of female objectification has gone so far now that any action by a man which could imply that the said man wants to fornicate with the said female is an act of female sexual objectifcation, which we know they hate so much.

Another parallel narrative which is far more superior than any is that women are just inherently better than men just by the virtue of being women.

I think it is this one which makes all the rest possible. Why else would sane normal men doubt and think that paying a woman for consenting sex is a sin against her? For the simple reason that in their heads it is established that no woman could ever do something as degenerate as sell herself for fun and profit but a rather sad backstory exists — a sick child, poverty, whatever. That every action of a woman is motivated by some higher purpose and good and no woman would chase mere materialistic wealth by fucking for cash.

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-19 at 21.04.05

Hmmmm..Clearly yeah, there is an unfortunately sad situation here—that 36" ass which she likes handled well.

Amazing how the feminist narrative contradicts itself. Let’s the call the fem monster F and play Q&A with it.

F:women are as horny as men,
so that means they love getting fucked right?
F:No that’s misogyny and objectification.
F:Women have rights to their bodies…
so they have a right to sell it for money, right? and you said they’re horny too that sounds perfect!
F:no NO woman would ever do that,  that’s exploitation by men.
F:women are ambitious, want a career, money and success too
exactly and some choose to get it by fucking men
F: no those are the victims of circumstances mostly created by men and patriarchy.

*slow clap*

I think their confusion and anger with prostitution comes from the fact that it’s an too overt and direct exchange of sex than they’d like to witness. This is because they all know at an subconscious level that they are indulging in it.

As Rollo Tomassi of the TheRationalMale says it, as a Man you will always be paying for sex. If it isn’t straight up cash then it’s in the form of dates, dinners and gifts, if it’s not that then it’s
your charming personality, looks and wit, if you are bald, fat and ugly then it’s probably your beta bucks for provisioning of her and her offspring. If it’s still neither of these then it’s the good mighty fucking you giver her which most guys today won’t because that would be “objectifying her”.

The transaction must happend and it’s not a bad thing at all, without it there would be no fucking.

But the anger with the prostitution method is that the Man is the initial initiator of that transacation. It is the Man deciding to get up and walk up to the market to spefically buy sex from a woman and the said woman has no option but to say yes because that’s her job.

While in the civilized romance coated version of it, the final say is still the woman’s. In fact the feminine imperative has an entire social convention of “wait for when she’s ready”, “give her time” etc. all set up to make sure women hold the final call and Men are convinced that “this is how it is” and wait like an idiot while she’s evaluating all other options. While for the Man on the other end it is the dreaded yet funny friend zone.

The fem culture also feels threatened because prostitution undercuts the illusion that being chosen by a woman as a partner is some life altering surreal experiene or a statement on your value as a Man. In fact if anything, it’s often the case that the most bottom feeding scumbags are the ones who get mighty laid and rewarded by the very women who claim to hate them in favor of nice guy qualities.

Prostitution if left all alone and allowed to expand freely might end this illusion and prove to the Men that what they miss so badly and lack in life is probably a good fucking from time to time and not a woman’s company or emotional presence, which somehow can magically bring them any more happiness than they would have without her in life. It might open Men’s eyes to the fact that the primary gain from pairing with a woman is purely physical and sexual and does not meet any higher motives like companionship which is how the fem culture currently sells monogamy to men.

To prevent this prostitution must be reigned in by legal laws under the pretext of “saving women” but laws only achieve so much and hence it becomes necessary to engineer shame and guilt in Men on a personal and psychological level to keep them from even entertaining the thought.

I would argue a step further that if you were to just pick a fav among prostitutes and indulge in her regularly she would probably meet the emotional sides of the fucking equation better than most wives and girlfriends. She’d probably actually listen than just act like she is listening. Of course the requirement for this is top physical health on your side which I believe becomes very important to keep a whore’s sexual attraction. From the sheer number of fatasses she fucks in her line of work, believe me having some semblance of muscle and a flat belly will do wonders for you in this. She will indeed give you her best. And if you are stupid and fall in love with her then you are on your own.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Reading and the source of knowledge

I get a lot of reactions to my impetus to reading.

It ranges from admiration to “booorinng”, “time waste”, the “that’s why he talks and acts like a psycho” look and of course accusations of just being a pretentious bragg. Frankly they all would get to me in the initially days and still do to some extent and I start presenting my case by shoving blocks of text on pages into people’s faces and begging and pleading them to just give it a read and tell me what think about it, and fucking believe me—IT. NEVER. FUCKING. WORKS.

Now at the time of writing this I can recall upto 3-4 instances of this method not working, and that too with people closest to me. Family and friends* if you will.

It’s never been a huge amount either, just small snippets I’d present to them to just get some thinking and discussion going about how amazing and beneficial that piece of info could be to know in life and could be put to use. Today I would argue that the biggest benefit is that it would help one unplug from the matrix. Little doses of TheRedPill if you will.

A famous quote (or maybe only I thought it famous because I can’t seem to find it now )says

“reading a book is a great risk, for you don’t know how many illusions of yours it’ll shatter”

This was roughly the message of the quote.

It amazes me how true it’s been in my experiences in discussions about reading. Especially from the “that’s why he talks and acts like a psycho” crowd. In fact in any intellectual deadlock the closest people to me have thrown the “oh did one of your books say this?” comeback to me as if somehow the fact that it indeed is from a book negates the truth or the value of the point I made.

When you read that statement repatedly, you’ll see that the actual objection isn’t to the fact that the point comes from a book but from the fact that it doesn’t come from my own head. Reflect on that for a sec and you see that what I am being accused of is some form of cheating or in fact foolishness of considering some guy’s opinion but not my own which then branches into the fact that knowledge(any points I made in the argument) is suppose to come from my “own” head to be a valid point and not from any external sources.

I don’t know how well I am making the point but the following exchange I was a part of once in college comes to mind which serves as an eg:

DC: So tell me what is the GRE? Do you even know it?
DD: Graduate Record Examination.
DC: Ohh fuck off! You googled it! You googled it! you didn’t know it yesterday.
Me: So what? Is he suppose to just dream stuff up? The knowledge has to come from somewhere.
it then kind of ended in me and DD agreeing and laughing about it.

Again the accusation that knowledge has to come from your own mind and not from “outside”.  But how is one supposed to know something without getting it from somewhere?

And the final blow was when somone told me in all his fucking wisdom that

if you just think about it for 20mins, you’d realise you already know everything in those books


But then I got to thinking about it, and now have some theories, human societies make it a point to bring up children with an pre-programmed package of “you already know that”. This is a form of “no one knows why but it is so and if you ask about it you are stupid”. Now you have the fear of being tagged “stupid” and you stop questioning things. They draw a line in cultural and intellectual discourse and crossing it makes you “a weirdo”, “kinda retarded” etc. And the social of pressure of being labelled a idiot and being isolated out of the group keeps us in line. For e.g. consider platitude like the “never ask a woman’s age” meme. The simple reality of it is women can’t have such a direct and overt estimation of their SMV.

Unfortunately a lot of people have taken it farther than just not questioning a few memes like these but have discarded the whole pursuit of knowing anything at all not already signed by the current pop cultural trend. Because of which only the “famous” stuff gets read. Anything little of the line gets the raised eyebrows look.

Society applies this dynamic to only the personal side of a human life. No one ever gives you a weird look when you are discussing sciences and programming. No one has a problem when you refer to those “better than you” in those fields. In fact it is expected that the knowledge should come from somewhere out of you and from a better more experienced place.

But consider the areas of relationships and confidence. Even mentioning to anyone that you are reading a book on one these is supposed to be funny somehow. They act surprise as if they already have a Phd on the subject and thought you did too. Do note here that their conviction here is not fake but comes from the “you already know it” seed which society puts in us and now probably has nurtured it to a grown creeper. Their advice at the end of it is “just be yourself” which is nothing more but a nice and powerful slogan for the same “you already got this”.

A huge reason for society to bring us up with this notion of already “being enough” is we as a collective do not really want a huge number of us looking to “change things” too quickly, because then the chance of fucking it all up and getting 20 million people killed is a possiblity.

Hence the trick to keep you satisfied where you are so you don’t fuck the place up.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Musings on the Female Unicorns

Every time I come across the shy soft spoken girl i fall in love. That elusive unicorn. At times it's instant oneitis i.e I just look at a girl and she looks the shy kind and I'm starting to fill in all other details about her in my head. This tendency to fill your head with extremely-super-positive assumptions about her, I covered here already. And I left out the magical shy girl out in that post, kinda forgot about her.

Maybe a reason I didn't cover her in that article is because the shy girl is not always the best looking, she's definitely not the hot type and she's also not the anxious one always at the corner scared, coming of very standoffish—that would be the majority of the Indian male population in 2016, awkward, with no smile or life in the eyes and just going through the motions, and the fact that he has no fucking inclination or idea about choosing proper fitting clothes doesn't help it either.

The shy girl just comes off as a very normal person, yes from time to time, she does have that pretty face and a great figure too. The fashion sense which gives her away is she'll be wearing the exact same kinda outfits which look exactly similar twice in a row, lol this one is my best observation with the shy chick I'm infatuated with now.

And this is why I used the "very normal person" description with her, she probably noticed that this one thing looks pretty ok so yea let's just buy 5 of those and wear them daily, she's almost just like men when it comes to fashion, but Indian men just suck far too much these days with clothes, so let's say her thought process about fashion is just like men and not the whole thing.

They have done something hard.

“…the biggest barrier to commitment with most of these women wasn’t their sexuality or their femininity. It was either that I didn’t find them beautiful enough or interesting enough to warrant commitment. Many of these girls could help themselves immensely by reading a few classic novels and working out a little. But they get attention regardless, so the motivation to better themselves isn’t present. It’s unfortunate. That said, I think it’s possible to find value. If you’re willing to hang around in the 6-7 range looks-wise, you can lock down a young, intelligent, girl who will make a good partner and mother. The question is really how much you’re willing to compromise where beauty is concerned.”

—Jared Rutledge (a fallen hero who later pussyfied to PC-SJW-pressure look for cynthia’s annoying self righteous comment)

Now to sympathize with the guys a little, there's a reason why they're all so socially uncaliberated, anxious, come off as standoffish and don't seem to have a clue on what to wear is because they're so uncelebrated. Look at the feedback men get from everywhere and everyone all their life.

Something like this.
"fuck you, fool, fucking good for nothing, achieve something in life then talk"

Teachers and parents:
"lord knows what you're going to be when you grow up, idiot"

"work hard or else you won't get a fucking job and then forget about getting a girl"

"do whatever you can  .. you're never ever getting a girl mate, marry the hand"

"0 friend requests, 1 like, 1 comment from the childhood friend best friend—"no one fucking cares, just shut the fuck up"".

"why do you even bother bro?"

This list is turning out to be fun I'll definitely write a post just on it.

But I believe I've made the point well.

Let's just say all this gets to the poor lad by the time he is 25.

Maybe one can say it humbles men, or if you go by today’s culture “it keeps them in line”, whatever that is, hard to explain the manhating culture we find ourselves in.

The shy girl we all so like has also been through something similar, something hard, let' say ‘made to work’ for stuff unlike her hotter counterparts. She got all that positive validation girls always get all their lives from everywhere but something along the way thought her to keep her feet on the ground or neutralized it and kept her from becoming a total validation junkie.

It could be just her raising, her parents as role models, her career choices(CAs are the fucking best I feel*) or maybe she just has the intellectual permissions to be a winner like Eric Berne talks about in What do you say after you say hello?

Can’t find the fucking quote so placeholder.

She developed that autonomy which tells her she's just like the rest of us and not some very special snowflake, of course she gets the little extra love for being the cute girl around, but as mentioned she’s grounded about that and probably intellectually aware of it.

In the end whatever it is, it keeps her from doing what so many of her hotter sisters of the “sisterhood”* are doing on instagram.

Below is an exhibit, who at one point had more insta followers than Parul Gulati—an actress on crime patrol.

I think it's only after Parul's movie, she got the lead on the follower count just a few months back.

I would just share her instagram pics with you but I am too paranoid about my identity after incidents where feminists want to skin guys alive for calling stupid women—STUPID.

Also this is the kind of stuff that motivates her to keep up the supply:


And the good girls at the internet's toilet scroll and the scoop websites tell us how much women hate to be objectified.

Maybe the shy-cute winner girl does hate being objectified, but those are the exceptions and in science we focus on the rule.

Granted that we don’t control the comments on the internet, but the way current liberal culture exaggerates the claims of women feeling objectified is a lie and a denial of basic human nature and evolution which even comedians explain better than these PC shitlibs.

Shy girl selfie

I have covered the picchaa culture and how it’s a fucking poison.

And I think the shy girl unicorn we’re talking about agrees with me too. Let me just go ahead and make the quote first which will live for centuries here on out

To judge a man’s (especially a woman’s) character check her selfies.


You all probably have a few names and their respective fucking selfies already scrolling inside your head. Those female psychos with those eyes squinted, lips pouted(WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?). Some even pull back their eyebrows in a such a weird fucking way, with their neck bent to one side and what not. You know those psycho LAYdees in your life right, and trust me they aren’t and shouldn’t be anything more than LAYthings.

The thing with outrageously stupid selfies, where it becomes evident there was considerable effor put into getting it right, is that any fucking human being with a lick of self awareness will just not fucking do it. Because it FEELS STUPID. And it should. Fucking pouting and twitching, twatting, stretching. Jesus fuck.

We all know that weirdo who always has his tongue out in pics right, do you fucking like that? One can understand a night of party and high emotions but when you see it as a selfie taken all alone in the fucking bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. You know you have un-selfaware evil on your hands. Befriend or fucking marry that at your own risk.

You can do this experiment yourself, the ones who really come across as well read with cool headed thoughts and ideas about the world will seldom do the crazy selfie dance. And the ones who do will then tell you how objectified they feel—crazy times.