Wednesday, 7 March 2018



The last post here at AA was on 6th sept 2017. Lot of changes have happened since then and boy is my head spinning.

I have finally left the third world socialist rotten land of my birth we today call India and moved out, it’s not to the west yet but somewhere in between, I don’t know why but I have a weird anxiety about disclosing my location as of yet.

Life has become easy but too much still needs to be sorted out. Scratch that — Life still is pretty sucky in a way, but hey I’m comparing myself to my myself from yesterday and not with who someone is today.

Let’s focus on the sucky things at first.

  • I’m not fucking. 
  • I make way more money now but I’m not handling it well at all. 
  • My artistic plans like this blog, YT and maybe working on book all have taken a back seat due to my over demanding job. 
  • The fucking job — NO NO I don’t hate it and this is not some chick flick about “quitting the 9 to 5 and eat, pray and fuck” no. I feel all good and fucking great to have this demanding job, even when it seems that all I am doing is studying 24/7 a day. I should almost have to admit how lucky one has to be to get a job like this and hey studying cutting edge information security tech . .(in whisper voice ok maybe not so fucking cutting edggyyy) but when I’m engrossed into it, time flies by, right now my new client location thing just is a fucking pain. 
  • NO FUCKING DRUGS — Maybe this is giving you an idea of where I am, fucking police state zero tolerance towards drugs going on here. No chance of weed, forget LSD. Hookers are the new drug for now I guess. 
  • Passive income or whatever the fucking new term is these days . . “digital nomad” . .yeah fuck you pretentious motherfucker. This is important. And again this is not to downplay 9 to 5 jobs or anything but maybe this is about my personality type and I need to get this part of my handled to make sure I do my share of body building, girls, traveling, charity in that order yes.


Is that giving you enough emphasis on how psyched up I am about blogging again.

Seems there’s enough ignorance, miserable lives, backward ideologies, men with 6 month pregnant bellies, young-dumb-broke “sapiosexual” validation seeking tinder cunts, Indian virgin prime minister’s supporters, socialism sympathisers out there to shame and bully and a publication like this is now more important than everrr.

Western civilization needs me more than ever now. Jordan Peterson and Animus empire need all the help they can fucking gett.


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