Saturday, 5 August 2017

Swarajyamag Deletes Comment — The Mouthpiece of A Police State

The following is my comment posted under the article What DeMo And GST Would Lead To In 2019.

The comment has been deleted with no warnings whatsoever, below is a copy.

The whole issue with modi and his swarajya-rag's thinking was summed up really nice by in one of his demo posts;

In the worldview of the Middle Class and the government what matters is tax collection. What happens to 94% of the people of India — a rather wretched group — is immaterial.

In modi's view the state is supreme and the citizen only exists to pay taxes.

But this model can make the middle class happy for little while, happy in leftist wisdom of everyone paying one's "fair share".

The list of things to break their bubble is too big :

  • Most of the corruption in interacting with the state won't go away.
  • The "online sarkar" is turning into what i called "digital harassment", try filling up a form for police certificate or an CET exam if you don't believe me. Watch news for the Mumbai university online paper correction F ups! Results have been delayed for 2 months now.
  •  Laws and rules like drinking upto 25, prohibition in many states will continue to harrass people to no end!
  • Education from the primary to the engineering levels is a joke, primary kids can't write their own names, engineering students can't write a line of code (and names too in some states like bihar and UP)
  • What the hell is anti-profiteering law within the GST?! The govt officially says profit is a bad thing, no one in bjp reads hindu stuff like "shubh laab". They have gone after stents and now today's TOI says next is knee caps, because they make 450% profits! LOL!

The first PM also thought "profit is a dirty word"! WOW, modi has come a loooong way. And while we thought of him as lee kuan yew's "you make profit a dirty word and Singapore dies!!"

Moving on, the writer throws a bone to the middle class with:
One, invest the surplus in further accelerating economic growth by spending on infrastructure — good economics, good politics.
Unlikely, go watch YouTube news clips on Mumbai roads (BJP has 80 seats in the BMC and still complaints about Shiv Sena's 82!) or just wait, you'll get something on whatsapp!

Rather modi will definitely go with:

And three, fritter it away on entitlements like introducing the universal basic income — good politics, bad economics
hint hint - farmer loan waivers

AND THAT WAS WHAT DEMO WAS ALL ABOUT, FOR CHRIST SAKE!!! — Destroying the opposition cash reserves in UP!

And all this while the middle class has access to YouTube and Facebook, where they are teased with videos like these about driving on Dubai's world-class roads (jump to 5:30).

And the NRIs will do a damn good job of rubbing it. Funny enough, one can eat pork in Dubai but can't get a good beef roll in India now. hehe.

At the same time GOD EMPEROR TRUMP wants the best and brightest to come to US! More beef barbecue.

And it's the best and brightest Hindus who will leave too, if you have any doubts!

While Indian govt tries to hold doctors back "for the welfare of the country". Somebody in the govt took the stupid movie swades too seriously, be assured people will not put up with this.

Modi has taken his pro-individual rights supporters for a huge huge ride, I'm one of them, he lied to our faces.

Swarajya-rag should have criticized for these mind numbing mistakes of the govt as a vanguard of true right wing politics in India and maintained some allegiance to right wing individual rights principles or just change "read India right" to "modi does right".

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