Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How Women Are — Case Study #1

A friend of a friend, lets call him Rocky is(was?) dating Priya. Now Priya was highly overweight when they met and Rocky is somewhat of an Natural-circumstantial-Alpha. I say somewhat because he's not fully acquired that mindset yet, and circumstantial because being born in a poor family pushed him out to see some fucking horrible circumstances, add to that going to a third rate school, a poor neighborhood and by his teen years he was a lets-fuck-shit-up-i'ma-break-your-teeth alpha street cad.

Just put him in standard not-afraid-to-fight bad boy gang.

Priya was around 19 when they met. Dangerously overweight at 110KGs(or more) and a standard daddy's girl, good for Rocky the daddy is rich. She brought her car out, paid for everything as always the case with alphas, in exchange he fucked her. This motivated her so much she dedicated herself to lose the weight and in 2years cut out 28KGs or so I saw—Fucking unbelievable.

It's been a 6year long thing now and Priya is engaged to guy who works abroad, they marry sometime soon. This devastated our alpha and there were some tears and mopping around for a while, a common friend B was so shocked he asked the universe in his naivete "This was a serious relationship, how can she just walk away like that, rocky muuusssst fight for her".

A woman displays perfect hypergamic timeline and most men witnessing it are still blind spectators, instead the blame comes down to our alpha cad for "not fighting for her". Actually when you talk to these boys over a few drinks, they do get what hypergamy is but once when they're again out into the world it just doesn't register with them at their conscious level. The life long beta training simply is too overwhelming to analyze a hypergamic chick's behavior on the fly, add to that the cute smiles and the seducing head movements and you have guys as brainwashed as the ones who'd blow themselves up for some virgin angels, the worst part is these men believe women here on earth are as good as angels. 

This case is a sea of Game and RedPill knowledge, let's take a dive.

  • Alphas get more than give—money, time even 28kgs of sacrifice.
  • All girls love the bad boy fighter, hot ones, short ones, fat ones—all of them, they're wired for it. And hence by extension. And don't you forget.
  • Short term alpha fucks, long term beta bucks is a very much unconscious plan for the modern empowered woman, watch-the-fuck-out.
  • The natural alpha himself wasn't "getting it", was moping around for a few days, later at a bar once it seems he did get it. Like a harbinger of wisdom his words were "girls want the bad boys a lot more than the nice good guys, why else would a girl like priya who's getting married to an almost fucking prince(i know, tell that to mr.prince right) in a year still be messing around with me?"
  • The betas on the scene still were dumbfounded, one even wanted our alpha "to fight for her". Roosh has some wisdom for him here.
  • The modern woman has no capacity for even a shred of remorse. I mean at this stage most girls play the "he's my past, i'm a new person now" card to rationalize(hamstering) her deeds but our lil girl isn't even doing that. There she's secured a beta buck somewhere halfway across the planet and here she sucks alpha cock.
That's for now. Happy married to priya and to her prince to(i guess).