Sunday, 6 December 2015

Orbiter Status check

Some days ago I was sort of texting 3 chicks. Just the usual trying to setup a date, Trying to spin them plates and for some reason it just kept not happening. They’d make some excuses when i gave them a time for a date and when they’d give me a time i’d definitely turn it down, that’s my way of being like Diogenes with chicks. Obviously chicks are no Alexander though.

So the texting went back and forth, obviously it was no fun and at times excruciatingly boring. Obviously none of these chicks read anything ever, i just didn’t know what to say to them.

And so in between trying to set up dates I’d just go silent for 1-2 days in between, it was both a strategy to limit my texting them and just plain convenience, i obviously had no time to text them during both work followed by gym days.

And girl 1 and 2 both pulled of this weird trick. Of course they two totally separate people and strangers to each other. What they both did is, they both dropped me just “Good night” straight at night around 11PM. Not a single text in the last 30-35hrs but suddenly just this one text.

See this:
Orbiting can happen in a variety of ways. Orbiting is basically any relationship she keeps going long term without the intention of letting things go further.

It could be a text relationship. You meet a girl and exchange numbers. You text her to hang out, but she is busy.

Yet she still indicates interest. So you text her every once in awhile. And she keeps leading you on, without any intention to ever meet up.
I can’t find a link to a post which had a line which said, girls will send a beacon your way once in awhile just to check up on you. HAHA! In my own field of network engineering the Ping comes to mind. They’re just testing for a response and once they have it they feel safe maybe. Safe in the knowledge that yes at least mike likes me.
Here’s more:
The simple way to never become an orbiter is to ESCALATE. Always be physically moving on to the next step.

The problem is that women are crafty motherfuckers. They’ll avoid hanging out with you in a place where sex could happen—namely your place or hers. That gives her full reign when you escalate in public for her to say, “Not here!”

And then, when it’s time to go back to your place or hers somehow she’s feeling tired, sick, has to be up early or is on her period.
And then the next day she starts with the breadcrumbs. She texts you flirty, friendly messages as if she likes you. She’ll talk with you in different ways, meet up with you, confide in you and make you feel like you’re her boyfriend—except for the sex of course. Welcome to orbiterville.

By now it’s clear I am heading to orbitville, but hey I did not spend million hours reading rational male, redpill, chateau and the game and yareally just to end up as a slave to her majesty’s beauty. In fact I just now play along to see how far they exactly take and how, it’s good reference experience and blogging material if nothing else.

I can go on about how to break out from the orbit but I've shared enough resources if you really want to learn all this. I’ll just add and tell you again to be like Diogenes with women. Yes they are beautiful creatures and can melt you with it and have tremendous power over you, at least it feels so but once you understand that it’s mostly your testosterone doing all the work and you get it that they don’t really want that power you will be able to get her off that pedestal and be truly equal with her and only then you will be able to peel away the long hair, beautiful skin, the curves of her breast and thighs, the softness of it all and her childlike mannerisms and expressions and a good 90% of the time you will see a bored to death and boring as hell sjw-liberal-feminist selfie machine, surgical attached to her smartphone.

Saturday, 5 December 2015


Rollo Tomassi is big on this in terms of inter-gender dynamics. And that is has hit me hard. Well, that and my job.

For a few days now I am just experiencing what every salaried person on the planet must have felt often and probably something some people live their entire sorry lives with.

I felt the need to be.. . A P P R E C I A T E D. ..yyiiiieeekkss.

Just two days back a colleague of mine got the ax after her occassional fuckups were getting to be regular instead of one in a million. But when you look at her choice of words on why it happened, you could sense how much she wanted to be appreciated i.e. that is when she wasn’t eat your ears about how unjust and conspiratorial the whole deal was.

To cut her some slack, her job was pretty hectic even when it was just basic. She was just a human form of OSTicket. Just had to keep a log of all tech support activities between the tech guys and the client’s tech trouble tickets. The fuck up was she had to do it in a giant 10 column excel sheet and that must have been an awful horrible experience.

But let’s not go all awwwwieee for her. If she had cut down on her facebooking and whatsapping and phone calls with her hubby darling (both just married last month) it was all doable. I mean after all . … .

The interesting part in this is even with all the fuckups she wanted to be appreciated. She wanted to be appreciated for "so much she did" and because she "travelled so far for her work".

And then came my turn.

For someone really big on link i have my fuckups too. I was sent to configure vlans for a client of ours on their 10-15 cisco switches and I fucked the whole thing up and then my boss had to pay an external consultant to come with and get the job done. Now to cut me some slack as well, I was just 4 months into the job and never had much experience with vlans and networking gear being used and so I blew the whole thing in a huge embarrassment.

But let’s not go all awwwwieee for me. If I had cut down facebooking and whatsapping and daydreaming, reading a lot of redpill and living in my fucking head so much it was all doable. I mean after all . … .

I did redeem myself—not by much but i did. I had another vlan project much much smaller and i did well there, not a big deal. And you'd never guess what i felt like afterward. I fucking wanted to be A P P R     . I bloody expected the boss to hug me the next day on what a marvellous job I did and how proud he felt. If not that I at least expected him to bring up my last VLAN fuck up and at least make some small talk with me just to ask me if i finally understand vlans, just some small talk like that, but the ruthless bastard won't even bring it up.

And that's probably why he has a million dollar IT firm with 50+ employees in a country where everybody is just waiting for a fucking festival bonus and tea at work.

You see my configuring the vlans after fucking it up once was nothing to be appreciated, it was nothing for someone else to make me feel good about, although i felt that i did it. Because that was and is my damn job. Isn't it? I absolutely didn't do anything special there at all, and it took some time to get this, now I do. Just like brushing your teeth and showering it's nothing to be praised for, it's the bare minimum you fucking do in society to get by. Imagine everyone giving you compliments and patting you on the back for showering.

And so dear reader, appreciation is a dirty bitch. It's the dessert your parents taught you to crave every night after dinner because "kids love ice cream" and that's because their parents taught them that. It's too much sugar, releases your insulin and is killing you. My simple theory now is appreciation is a game passed on by parents to the kids. Because all parents keep wanting their kids to appreciate the sacrifices they make for them and all and they keep signalling the kid mostly covertly and at times overtly to appreciate their efforts as parents, they end up teaching the kids to crave appreciation for minutest things like brushing their teeth later in life. Hate to tell you, your boss doesn't care.

So the final takeaway is just don't wait for any kind words, gestures of appreciation and pat on the backs, especially not in your professional life because doing your absolute best is just your fucking job. And circling back to the start about appreciation in relationships, I think the same stands true, the truth being no one, not your wife, kids*, gfs are ever going to appreciate you maybe one of you will have someone who will but most of you won't get any of it. Over there it'll be good to have some ground rules and principles of conduct for the people you deal with. And when lines are crossed you do what you must.

* you don’t exactly even want kids you appreciate you till they’re in their 20s, I mean it easily takes that much time to just figure things out. But even after that don’t be sure about anything.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Under the RedPill Lens — Bachi Karkaria

Every once in awhile I take out my RedPill Lens and read the mainstream columnists who write on relationships, give advice about it etc. It’s a good dose to remind myself how steeped in feminine primacy the modern society actually is. Also it helps me to gauge how far I’ve come from my BluePill days of identifying with the feminine on every fucking chance just to get  ..well a good fucking.

In the end my goal is to make note of these feminine first defaults of culture and talk to fellow men(probably save lives) on how they must navigate the sexual market place in this post radical feminist culture. The goal is not to prove to myself or anyone else how right I am or how evil women are any of that, because 1. I know she will get away with it and 2. Being right serves no purpose on its own.

A few days back, it was Bachi Karkaria.


As you have read, our dear daughter-in-flaw is really a flawed human. She has problems with the husband talking to his own mom on the phone. And she has problems with the fact that traditional values are being expected of her(most probably she’s pissed off that anyone dare expect anything at all from her, haven’t they got the memo on what a favor she’s done on the universe by being born with a vagina).

Next she tells us how the old mother in law has high BP and is fucking afraid of dying all the time, what a fucking pussy right. Being old and having health problems and scared of death is just overacting in our princess's book.

This is the first sign of an feminist princess aka the girl you should fuck(in the ass) but never marry. This is female solipsism. Everything is about her in this universe and an old woman’s fear of death and never seeing her son again is a nuisance, just like those YouTube ads when she’s streaming repeat episodes of MTV splitsvilla. Yes we all have seen men who take their mom’s permission before spending anything from their paycheck but this certainly is not that case. She’s in a different city and still can’t stand her husband talking to her own mother. Zero empathy for anything not directly useful to her and doesn’t add to her pleasure.


You’d expect someone who is also old and probably has high BP to sympathize with the mother in law. All that “only a woman understands another woman” BS they go on about every chance they get. Now you know that is only true in the feminism’s mothers and its daughters circles and here she has a traditional values witch troubling one of her little princesses. She immediately reminds her how lucky she is to not be under the same roof with the old witch, if that wasn’t the case I’m sure the later line would have been “Then, use all your charms*-NOT aggression -to convince your husband to move out”. 

* = no, its not objectification when its used to manipulate men with sex for one's ends

The best part is her ruthless dismissal of the poor beta boy “Sweetheart, you've married one of the most exasperating species of male: a Mama's boy, tied dutifully to her pallu.

To understand this better we must now invite in our mists another global feminism’s mommy, the future ex-COO of Facebook as someone has called her. Bachi can use her following quote for half of the chicks who write to her about how naughty they have been fucking around in college.

“When looking for a life partner, my advice to women is date all of them: the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic boys, the crazy boys. But do not marry them. The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner. Someone who thinks women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious. Someone who values fairness and expects or, even better, wants to do his share in the home. These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier.”

― Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

It’s safe to assume that this what our princess here went with and Bachi, Sheryl and Betty all smiled. And now a little twist came in there which is kind of a hiccup. You see the plan was to end up with a wife’s panty washer and not the mother’s pallu holder. But fret not I’m sure she’ll use her witholding-sex-technique charms and soon fix that as advised.

Also notice how a caring, loving man is the laughing stock for the very same women as “mama’s boy” and "the pallu holder", who always claim that all they ever want in a man is for him to be a caring, loving, good father material human being. Learn and remember this now my dear brothers that what they left out is that the “caring loving good boy man” is wanted but after they’re done with “the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic boys, the crazy boys” in their younger, prettier party years. Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks gentlemen.

And how wrong the “These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier.” turned out to be. My one theory is that this whole thing wouldn’t even be a problem if the guy just maintained an average sculpted physique and could give it to her like she really wants it. It’s because of the absence of it she gets time to worry about “how much he talks to his mom”, “how the curtains look old”, “whether vishal or ajay should be the king on spiltsvilla”, “how the kids need to put newspaper on the dining table before eating so the table cloth doesn’t get dirty”. .(yes in their own fucking house).


The poor man at last. If we were to play the childhood game where you add a fixed word at end of the movie title and the whole thing just sounds stupid or meaningless we could do that to this guy’s life decisions too. The phrase would be  “— not appreciated”.

Rollo Tomassi writes:
“I think what most men uniquely deceive themselves of is that they will ultimately be appreciated by women for their sacrifices. Learn this now, you won’t. You can’t be because women fundamentally lack the ability to fully realize, much less appreciate the sacrifices a man makes to facilitate her reality.”
He left his parent’s house to go work in a different city for that extra 10k for the “both of us”—not appreciated. Infact he probably also left because he sensed that the “fuck tradition” empowered gal he’s got won’t want to live in a joint family—not appreciated. He must be trying really hard to tone down talking to his mom because it pisses the princess—not appreciated. After all these years he now probably realizes(as all of us do) how much his mother did and sacrificed for him and being away he just misses her—not appreciated. He has now become the loving and the kind man the feminine imperative told him women always wanted—not appreciated. 

Just not fucking appreciated.

Friday, 25 September 2015


After twelve years of schooling, two years of junior college and four years of engineering I have just 1 friend in touch from all of these. No being friends on facebook is not "being in touch" but whatsapping once a week is definitely "being in touch". I don't even whatsapp anyone else.

So you see how well equipped to give you advice on college. This is not sarcasm, I did spend all that time reading, watching, thinking and analyzing so you skip this post at your own risk.

Initially I thought I should only target this post towards the introverts as they will be the ones most benefiting from it but I guess the rest can still take something good out of it. And to be more specific my advice would be geared towards men but I guess women can learn something too. Also factor in I went to college in Mumbai, India.

The Friends Conundrum

Now that you have seen my friendship skills, I think it would be safe to say this is indeed a tricky part. Should you befriend the studious nerds or the cool group? How many do you need? Is just one enough?(no) Are you going to have a cool group like they show in the movies?

— Keep the old friends close

Especially the chick friends you had in school. They will be going to other colleges and  chicks always end up making a lot more chick friends and this will be good practice for your game. Of course make sure you don’t complicate things with the chick friend itself, and that you are always on her good side, get in touch with your beta for this one—be her brother if you have to. If done right, with all the other advice on this blog you should easily get to fuck a few of her friends. It will also help if your SMV is a lot higher than her, so her other friends(the ones you wanna fuck) will be even more “understanding” of your betaness with her.

— The core Friends group

Go straight to the back benches.

As soon as possible, surround yourself with a core group. Don't fall for the BS of being "above groupism", or "i'm friends with everyone" or any other, you will be crucified for your individuality(unless of course you're elon musk). This core group should be a generic mixed gender group. Lay some special emphasis on the term "generic", these people should be the "easy to talk to" types who have simpler tastes in music, movies, praying types, simple stupid bollywood stuff, fifty shades of grey and all that.

Don't try to fit into or find a group of people who have fine tastes like you in art, literature or whatever, no, that's wrong, such people are always at odds and equally snobby and will despise you. It'll always be a game of upping one another, but the easy to go core group will in fact appreciate your refined tastes provided you drop them small bread crumbs and reveal your true self slowly and steadily and not vomiting all out about how much better you are than them.

Here you need to forget some stuff your parents and society thought you and listen to me.
They told you that the nerds will help you study hard and excel and you will score your way to a million dollar job and a great life, well you are heading straight for this.

If you can make it work so that your core group is also a cool guys group it’s a win win, they are the ones who will have chicks around to fuck, life skills to learn from, plans to party, traveling to do and study plans when the time comes. The nerds are all gonna be just scoring good for the exam but you know what, that is not enough. Not for a well rounded adult life.

Go read the post what is fun, fun is important in the limited time you have in college. Fun means different things to everyone as in “different folks different strokes” which I will cover in another post. For the college part for now you will need the cool group friends. And to make them you must. .

Demonstrate Higher Value

This core game principle is as true for the rest of your life. All human interactions are mere transactions where you give and receive value. Nobody tells you this and I am not talking about your parents and family but your "close friends" are in on this scandal too. This truth is often espoused in the "he's fun to hangout" line. The other end is a girl telling you to your face "you're kinda boring and all nice and all na" while comparing you with two other dudes who just threw her ID card up and got it stuck on a tree branch(doesn't feel great at all).

DHV starts with your appearance(see next) and it goes on with not arguing politics, not bringing up taboo topics like religion too often, being in touch with the latest shows and movies and the usual stuff, having opinions with which most people agree and never ever pushing to convince anyone of anything you think you are totally correct about. Read that How to win friends book by dale carnegie — twice.

Workout and Look Good

I'm not being shallow. In fact your parents and almost the whole of society is being stupid telling you that clothes and looks don't matter. It's right there with the stupidest advice on earth "just be yourself" or "all religions are the same".

Clothes do maketh the man, so don't fuck this up or you are gonna end up in a very sad place both at college and in life.

Parents, society and culture give you that kind of advice because they all have a very basic plan set for you, one which doesn't include being a millionaire, a healthy sex life nor a six pack. Culture is simply an amalgamation of thinking patterns of the majority which is not going in the direction of being self sufficient rational individuals but of feelings and emotions which set the bar extremely low and rationalizing things with "sex dying after marriage is normal", "fat people just got different bodies and are not to be blamed", "going bald at 26 is the norm in today's fast paced work life".

Why culture is the way it is is another post, coming back to your wardrobe now, do invest in good branded clothing and shoes. And for them to fit well do follow a rigorous weight lifting program with a proper diet. Also worth pointing out, telling someone to "dress well" often is an arrow directed straight to the listener's ego and elicits the "this is not good" or "this is good enough". At the same time we all have our own preferences to what well dressing is, but even after taking all of these into account there is an objective metric to gauge people's style of wearing clothes especially in india where jeans and kittos seem totally an viable option for job interviews to a lot of guys. On top of that the choices indian men make in shirts, tshirts are complete fucking joke exhibit: green shirt with strips of light green flower petals for work! Best you learn from movies and if need be go wander outside some of the best clubs you know for a course in casual dressing. Google is always around too. I'll try to add some pics soon.

Be a part of the college environment

College environment is like no other you will ever come across in your lifetime. It's always bustling and so much is happening all the fucking time—games, events, fests. Be a part of it wherever you can and soak it all up. That standard nagging parental voice in your head is going to tell you, this will affect your studies, it probably will—a little. You shouldn't care about that anyway. Would you care for the 5% more on your mark sheet more than all the opportunities to grow, beat your anxiety, get famous(and hence laid) for that? I hope not. Fuck that 5% in favor of the 500% growth you get.

Don't tell me the events are stupid and boring, I know. That's one reason I stayed away in favor of nobler pursuits like reading. It was a mistake(not the reading idiot, that's more important), always invest your time in building social capital wherever you are in life and college is simply good practice.

Manage time

As you should have understood by now you have a lot to do—read a lot, watch a lot of movies, make friends..text them, call them, meet them, be involved in the college life, workout, eat right, earn some money, juggle chicks like this, travel(no not to the fucking college but the other vacation type travel) and study.

It’ll all be very easy if you find a morning hour college, mine was afternoon(jesus fuck don’t get me started).

You can keep your weight lifting to 1 hr sessions 3-4 times a week. If you get up at 5AM and go to the gym and this part is taken care of splendidly. Just stop watching TV and reading the newspaper(no no it doesn’t make you smart) if you haven’t already. A lot of you waste lot of time on sports too, just finish it off by watching the best shots on youtube, if you have the inclination to watching full matches something is very wrong and you are looking for an escape from your life. You can do the “spending time with friends” part by bunking those stupid lectures(keep track to get to whatever percent is mandatory). Take some time off by “falling ill” and use the time to do your daily study, trust me you don’t need to attend those fucking lectures at all. Don’t join classes, christ how much money and time can be saved . . but we are never taught to study on our own using our books(and minds) so most of you will be wasting time there no matter what anyone says.

Don’t be wasting time texting or chatting with girls and following the “be friends first” mentality..yes it may work at times but still ideally you should be pushing for one date and the should be making out by the second. Also don’t waste time travelling to meet her anywhere, make her come to you, even better if it’s right to your place(hint: the building terrace is an amazing spot at all times).

Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Intricacies of Sadness

Feeling sad is such a powerful experience, yes it definitely is an experience especially when you really take the time to feel it and let it float around there(your solar plexus) for awhile and not jump up to click on that next link to whatever to drown it.

I got back from taking a trip with a friend to Goa and Pune, the goal was to improve our game and get laid and slay . .which didn't work out for either of us but we had some fun, the change of places is just good somehow. 

So being sad in here comes from the fact that I failed at my game which then reminds of me of other things I am currently very bothered about. As I was spending the time with this sadness I thought I should take notes for a post on this. Sadness is not a single emotion or feeling, it works together with a lot of other things, anxiety, bad memories and experiences and fear of being stuck where you are forever or for a really long time, fear that you might give up and a strange twinge of "time is running out".

Add to that not taking action or enough action and in my case daydreaming. 

Feeling teased by other people's success was never or maybe used to be a problem I guess, now I am over that. I have spent enough time in this life analyzing capitalism and now other people's success just feels good for everyone—the real greater greatest good there is.

Like all other things in the human body there's definitely a physical component present, some hormone or chemical. No wonder that on days when I lift the sadness is to a minimum and everything just feels great, hopeful, the challenges of life seem beatable. 

So what made me sad you ask?

I am failing at game, stuck in a low paying job where I am not learning new skills, got exams to clear and courses to attend to move further in my career, got to find a better job to both learn and earn better, my old outdated smartphone is just a pain to use and to replace which I have no means, my wardrobe looks so poor, don't feel like leaving the house, just realized paying for the exams is going to be a hassle in itself too. And in the long run I want to move out of the country for work.

This is not to vent my problems, this is just an example to make you understand what a set of issues would look like, sure you got something worse going on for you this. And if you are into game, then this is practically your life.

Now going back to the how sadness works from above: 

  • anxiety - guess this is just coming from the game part, where i still get AA talking to random girls.
  • fear - that the above will always be the case or for a long time, similarly the same goes for my job change and exam plans
  • experiences - negative ones, both mine and others which offer nothing more than just "could have done this instead of that" streams of thought.
  • "time is running" - this now is giving me an idea for a new post, so i'll link it when that's up. 
  • action - you could be taking action but not the correct action or you be taking the simplest form of action just to keep telling yourself that you really are moving mountains. This is tricky. Or you could be taking action to solve one of your problems which requires easier action than the other. Like i am investing 2hrs daily in the gym post work to meet my physical goals and patting myself on the back for it, while i am aware as of this writing i need to invest time in studying to clear the certification exams which would demand a little unpleasant action on my part like studying.
  • daydreaming - this i am sure is a serious fucking issue for me and for many others. This is when i get back from the gym on my weight lifter's high and play ACDC's HELL'S BELLS and 2PAC's wonder why they call you bitch while watching a movie about how glorious and amazing my future will be in a high paying job in some western country where after work i'll be slaying < decade older chicks after work and sending them home by 22:00 because I gotta read a little and sleep by 23:00. . best by 23:15. And this adds to sadness when you see on the watch that you were only daydreaming for past one and a half hour while you could have invested it in a better way. 

Understanding sadness is enough for one post, i'll keep overcoming it for another. The one word hint is : Plan.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How Women Are — Case Study #1

A friend of a friend, lets call him Rocky is(was?) dating Priya. Now Priya was highly overweight when they met and Rocky is somewhat of an Natural-circumstantial-Alpha. I say somewhat because he's not fully acquired that mindset yet, and circumstantial because being born in a poor family pushed him out to see some fucking horrible circumstances, add to that going to a third rate school, a poor neighborhood and by his teen years he was a lets-fuck-shit-up-i'ma-break-your-teeth alpha street cad.

Just put him in standard not-afraid-to-fight bad boy gang.

Priya was around 19 when they met. Dangerously overweight at 110KGs(or more) and a standard daddy's girl, good for Rocky the daddy is rich. She brought her car out, paid for everything as always the case with alphas, in exchange he fucked her. This motivated her so much she dedicated herself to lose the weight and in 2years cut out 28KGs or so I saw—Fucking unbelievable.

It's been a 6year long thing now and Priya is engaged to guy who works abroad, they marry sometime soon. This devastated our alpha and there were some tears and mopping around for a while, a common friend B was so shocked he asked the universe in his naivete "This was a serious relationship, how can she just walk away like that, rocky muuusssst fight for her".

A woman displays perfect hypergamic timeline and most men witnessing it are still blind spectators, instead the blame comes down to our alpha cad for "not fighting for her". Actually when you talk to these boys over a few drinks, they do get what hypergamy is but once when they're again out into the world it just doesn't register with them at their conscious level. The life long beta training simply is too overwhelming to analyze a hypergamic chick's behavior on the fly, add to that the cute smiles and the seducing head movements and you have guys as brainwashed as the ones who'd blow themselves up for some virgin angels, the worst part is these men believe women here on earth are as good as angels. 

This case is a sea of Game and RedPill knowledge, let's take a dive.

  • Alphas get more than give—money, time even 28kgs of sacrifice.
  • All girls love the bad boy fighter, hot ones, short ones, fat ones—all of them, they're wired for it. And hence by extension. And don't you forget.
  • Short term alpha fucks, long term beta bucks is a very much unconscious plan for the modern empowered woman, watch-the-fuck-out.
  • The natural alpha himself wasn't "getting it", was moping around for a few days, later at a bar once it seems he did get it. Like a harbinger of wisdom his words were "girls want the bad boys a lot more than the nice good guys, why else would a girl like priya who's getting married to an almost fucking prince(i know, tell that to mr.prince right) in a year still be messing around with me?"
  • The betas on the scene still were dumbfounded, one even wanted our alpha "to fight for her". Roosh has some wisdom for him here.
  • The modern woman has no capacity for even a shred of remorse. I mean at this stage most girls play the "he's my past, i'm a new person now" card to rationalize(hamstering) her deeds but our lil girl isn't even doing that. There she's secured a beta buck somewhere halfway across the planet and here she sucks alpha cock.
That's for now. Happy married to priya and to her prince to(i guess).

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Fire Your Parents

You think your parents did a good job with you right? Raising you, sending you to school, teaching you values etc. I've got some sad news, they fucked up big time. And that's nothing to get very up set about. Now that you know it, you can work to fix the damage done. Now this will be easy or hard, that totally depends on two factors:

- Your age.
- Your commitment to fixing it.

even morpheus apologized for freeing an adult mind from the matrix:

Morpheus: No. But if you could, would you really want to? I feel I owe you an apology. We have a rule. We never free a mind once it's reached a certain age. It's dangerous, the mind has trouble letting go. I've seen it before and I'm sorry.

We should first take a look at what we're fixing right. If they have given you the gift of religion — i would say that's probably the biggest fuck up but there are so many more, i really have to plan to put them here in a well framed sentence. The thing is being a parent is not fucking easy and the worst part is society celebrates when two people go out and have a kid. Society has decided that marriage and parenthood should be celebrated by default because they're "so hard" and "demand so much". One would expect that society would have expected more and demanded more from people who would choose to venture into things which we think are hard, but clearly that's not the case with parenthood. Instead, society shames men(no not women, not anymore, they're empowered which is a different story) for not playing according to the script.

It's exactly the same with voting. Come election and celebs and the media tell you go out and vote what they don't tell you is to read economics, public policy and understand the philosophy behind the idea of government and society, no — they just say go out and vote. And we know how that ends.

You were not even wanted

We're all told how happy everyone was when we entered the world, but that has comes with conditions. You see most people are just going through with society's plan for stages a "grown up" is expected to go through, and while they do felt the happiness for becoming parents, it was not in the sense how this man writes about having children. For most it was just time they made some kids and time to be happy for having made them.

No financial planning

I am in Mumbai, India. It's both the financial and slum capital of India, not to say there are not poorer people elsewhere in this country. We have 1.2 billion people as of now in the country and a good 60% is poor and a good 40% would be counted as desperately poor by western standards. Hell when applying western standards I think our middle class is still their poor class.

Our liberal socialist policies, our first PM Nehru all are definately to be blamed for this, but when you look for simpler reasons, we are here because of the social convention of getting married and popping out kids no matter how poor you are. And in the end the kids end up even poorer and illiterate who repeat the cycle.

All cultures have the social convention that people MUST and MUST get married but in India it's just a different ball game altogether and hence we have this mess.

And this is most likely true for your parents and mine. You see, the thing is we were never meant to go Harvard and do anything big(not to say you can't do it big without your parents but i'm trying to highlight the social convention side of it). We were only meant to go to some local school, get a basic job, get married, have kids and slog it just like our parents did, that's "how life is right?"

Feeding you their dogma

Just like the mother eagle vomits food in to it's young one's mouth, your parents off loaded all their misconceptions, inconsistencies, fallacies on to you for a long time now(depending on your age). Now that I'm 25, it really depresses me at times how I never had someone who could have solved even 10% of my doubts and answer my questions as a child. Right from "why are roads so bad in mumbai?" to "which religion is true?" everything damn question got a BS answer from them and point to be noted "i don't know" was not one of them.
The ego investment a person makes once a certain age into one's thinking and knowledge just never lets them say "i don't know". To quote from how to win friends and influence people

So, if you are inclined to tell people they are
wrong, please read the following paragraph every morning before
breakfast. It is from James Harvey Robinson's enlightening book The
Mind in the Making. 
We sometimes find ourselves changing our minds without any
resistance or heavy emotion, but if we are told we are wrong, we
resent the imputation and harden our hearts. We are incredibly
heedless in the formation of our beliefs, but find ourselves filled with
an illicit passion for them when anyone proposes to rob us of their
companionship. It is obviously not the ideas themselves that are dear
to us, but our self-esteem which is threatened. ... The little word
"my" is the most important one in human affairs, and properly to
reckon with it is the beginning of wisdom. It has the same force
whether it is "my" dinner, "my" dog, and "my" house, or "my" father,
"my" country, and "my" God. We not only resent the imputation that
our watch is wrong, or our car shabby, but that our conception of
the canals of Mars, of the pronunciation of "Epictetus," of the
medicinal value of salicin, or of the date of Sargon I is subject to
revision. We like to continue to believe what we have been
accustomed to accept as true, and the resentment aroused when
doubt is cast upon any of our assumptions leads us to seek every
manner of excuse for clinging to it. The result is that most of our so called
reasoning consists in finding arguments for going on believing
as we already do.
That gives us an idea how and why most people (and hence most parents) will definitely vomit all their dogmas and inconsistencies in thought on to their kids, because that's all that they know in the first place.

Where to go from here?

The point of this post is not that we start hating our parents. This post is here so that you understand how your wrong ideas about the world entered your head in the first place. Of course schools, the government, church and pop culture and now feminism and other endless sources are responsible due to which people don't develop their rational thinking prowess but the house is where it starts.

The point is to understand that in this world only an inquisitive mind which values knowledge will get any of it and how much more there is for you to learn and unlearn.

The point is to understand that your parents are simple the victims of the social conventions set before them and probably did the best they did, and that you don't make the same mistakes if you choose to ever be responsible for a human's life in as deep way a way as parenting is.

And in the end just love your parents, don't live your life according to them, you don't have get along with them just — love them. 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Psychological clean up

I got the idea for this post while cleaning my two small cupboards yesterday. This is how it looked.

I'm sure you have done this at some point and been shocked and surprised by how much useless stuff lying in there untouched, things which you had forgotten even existed, some so outdated and good for nothing (I found CDs in there - ancient stuff right?) all taking up space in there while you've been worrying about having less space to put your currently important stuff.

Analogus to cleaning a cupboard another such important spae which needs cleaning and sorting is our psyche. Notice how even the mention of that term brings in images of some mystic, supernatural realm to the mind, like those of a "psychic" who can help you talk to your dead son from another mystic super land all thanks to thousands of years of religon and mystic theories which have put the psyche outside the realm of reality into some untouchable mystic supernatural world.

For most a thought such as cleaning psyche is perplexing, clean it of what one might ask, the answer is throw out retrograde ideas, beliefs, re-evaluate one's values and experiences and the conclusions which one has internalized because of those. The human subconscious works like a sponge, it's always soaking in and doing that from a very young age. Imagine all that is thrown at it from media, culture, religions, feminism, educational institutes, adults, friends. For the first 15-17 years of life one hardly discovers any ideas or arrives at any real conclusions on one's own and merely accepts what is being thrown at him, which is then integrated into the subconscious and decays into a deadly cocktail.

It's true that most people live with this muck in their subconscious throughout their lives, it's not like one has to think like Aristotle to have a job, a spouse and make a decent living on earth. But rest assured the stink from that decaying cocktail of contradictions, faith based claims eventually reaches the consciousness giving rise to twisted ideas:
  • The businessman or anybody who is guilty of being rich and wealthy or just well off in a third world country.
  • The belief that Ambani ought to fix the Mumbai's railway platforms rather than have a lavish house for himself.
  • The christian(or any) who feels guilty and full of shame for so much as thinking of sex (probably asks the same god to take them away who created everything!)
  • Voting and whole heartedly promoting the very ideologies and leaders responsible for the third world mess that the country is.
  • The notion that philosophy is only big talk which belongs to the academia, drug addicts and every other stereotype(stereotypes exist for a reason but that's for another post). 
The last point is something to extend more on, it probably is the solution to the rest. Always notice how most people just dismiss philosophy as something only long haired drug addicts discuss after their usual kick. And observe the same people gladly follow some religion without even questioning the validity. The fact that religions themselves just are the very first philosophies mankind came up with is totally lost on them, and the fact that religions prohibit them from considering any other philosophical system is the reason why they've come to dismiss philosophy in general except the one in which they were born and raised into which they take it as the divine plan.We'll just read what Ayn Rand says about needing a philosophy:

You might claim — as most people do — that you have never been influenced by philosophy. I will ask you to check that claim. Have you ever thought or said the following? "Don't be so sure — nobody can be certain of anything." You got that notion from David Hume (and many, many others), even though you might never have heard of him. Or: "This may be good in theory, but it doesn't work in practice." You got that from Plato. Or: "That was a rotten thing to do, but it's only human, nobody is perfect in this world." You got that from Augustine. Or: "It may be true for you, but it's not true for me." You got it from William James. Or: "I couldn't help it! Nobody can help anything he does." You got it from Hegel. Or: "I can't prove it, but I feel that it's true." You got it from Kant. Or: "It's logical, but logic has nothing to do with reality." You got it from Kant. Or: "It's evil, because it's selfish." You got it from Kant. Have you heard the modern activists say: "Act first, think afterward"? They got it from John Dewey.
So there you have used and been influenced by philosophy throughtout your life, the problem?—it was all accidental. Which goes back to the previous point about how for the first many years of life we just accept whatever comes our way from whatever source and hence the urgency of a psychological clean up.