Wednesday, 1 February 2017

BMC Elections 2017 — Pick BJP End the Shiv Sena

Finally. The BJP has asked the Shiv Sena to fuck off.

Ending the Political Families

Hope it remains that way forever. The SS is nothing but a family factory of the thackereys in Maharashtra just like the Congress is for the entire country. And lord knows, neither Maharashtra nor India has the strength or the time to suffer more rahul gandhis.

The SS prince to be Aaditya is definitely competition to the RG. I remember his first mark on the political scene was arm twisting the Mumbai University to withdraw a book from its syllabus which called out the SS on the rioting fucking goons they are. The boy came of age by burning the book, which had he probably read, would have helped him turn out to be something more than the RahulGandhi he is destined to be. But what the hell, the book sold more copies in the aftermath than it ever would have.

That’s how they function, pretty sure that everyone in the family made their first mark by setting something on fire—a rickshaw, a bus, I know for a fact the other psycho who formed the MNS had the time of his life setting taxis on fire because they were run by the bhaiyas of UP. Any wonder now that the SS bosses are running to MNS to form an alliance now? They know their game is up, and they are scared. When those in the corrupt corridors of power painted by the blood of the generations of the ignorant and the poor are scared, you know the tide has changed, we the people are winning.

And it was these people who have been in power at the BMC since forever. Fucking is it any wonder that mumbai has literally gone to dogs? Mumbai has failed at everything. Listing out the things that mumbai sucks at would be a waste of bandwidth at this stage. Every person here dreads stepping out of the house now, and the fear is not death by terrorism but of the life sucking the city does with the overcrowed buses, the trains, the traffic and the roads. Oh boy the roads of Mumbai deserve a separate post or probably a book.

It is completely unbelievable that something as simple as building roads has been a problem here since I was ten. But of course I live in one of the poorest of localities so it’s pretty standard for the SS to have never given a fuck. They only bothered with the roads outside their own bunglows.

Such a lack of vision has gone unforgiven for a long time now. They have for long played with the emotions and feelings of the marathi people but in the internet era they have been completely stripped naked of the lies and the deceit. Their hypocrisy was evident when the preachers of maratha language greatness sent their prince aaditya to take german lessons INSTEAD of marathi, HAHA! And that too in the finest private schools the city has to offer.

While the real marathi kids—the sons of the soil as the SS calls them, were pushed into the darkness of a marathi language education, this lack of english education forever paralysed them in the 21st century dog eat dog job market. But the SS would want nothing better than that to happen. Keeping the sons of soil down in the dirt has been their entire politics. A well informed electorate is hardly any politician’s dream in this third world country.

Today prince aaditya brags on twitter about the digitisation in the govt schools, I don’t know where these people left their conscience. For all I have seen in the govt schools is a severe lack of pencils, benches, fans, teachers and most of all the english language. The number of people I know who have forever wondered how their lives might be better had they come out of an english education system. They not only destroy people’s lives with their politics of division and socialism but having done that further mock us by how they have made “digital education” possible.

Why the BJP?

I must start with honesty. BJP is of the same pack. They call themselves right-wing and free marketeers but probably very few in there have any clue what either of those mean.

In 2014 we chose one of them with a clear majority for the central govt, he promised us of “less govt and more governance”, but once having tasted power, he threw all of those priniciples out and went ahead with the mai baap sarkaar style of telling us what we can do and cannot. In this case he appointed himself as an authority who decided one fine evening that We Indians use too much cash and should be brought in line, that’s exactly what he set out to do.

He has not only strangled the economy which he was chosen to set free but is responsible for killing few us who went to get back our own earned money. Probably makes you whether those few dead were the lucky ones having finally escaped this third world land.

But we as a society have been at critical juncture for some time now. We can no longer sit for the ideal party to come along, of course there is plenty of hope in these amazing times of the internet and some people are working very hard to organise a political front.

Till then we need to begin by demanding that at the least no sons and daughters be imposed on us. There is simply no room for that now. India has paid the price for that since 1947.

BJP today is free of a single family influence and talent and merit still hold some value in there when it comes to rising up in the organization to realms of power. THIS is a very good first demand we ought to make from those who claim to represent us. We have seen first hand how Modi rose inside BJP ranks from the lowest position on the back of his political and administrative skills in Gujarat. And towards the build up for the 2014 election the BJP succeeded in keeping the likes of power hungry Advani and Sushma swaraj to step aside and the entire party got behind the one true leader during that time—Modi.

It was this most basic system of backing merit and talent which brought back the country from the decade of decay, and it so with a single party majority of 282 seats and at once crushed the socialist nehruvian nightmare of the last 65 years—The nehru gandhi family run CONgress.

There in lies our salvation. That no more we Indians will be ruled like a 11th century fiefdom but a 21st century republic that wants to be led. That we no longer quietly accept as God’s plan another moron born at the right place as our king.

We know better. We demand better.


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