Monday, 19 December 2016

Prostitution will save Men

The funny part is a lot of guys seem averse to the idea of paying for fucking. It’s the same “wanting sex from women is wrong” training these modern men have received their entire lives at work here. The natural instinct of wanting a woman for casual sex only and getting a whore once in a while today to most men probably feels like rape. Oh and just an hour back I got called a “psycho” by my good childhood friends for having the balls to flirt with a girl I had never spoken to before in my life.

A rape is happening every second if you ask me — of boys by the dickless monster called feminism.

The narrative of female objectification has gone so far now that any action by a man which could imply that the said man wants to fornicate with the said female is an act of female sexual objectifcation, which we know they hate so much.

Another parallel narrative which is far more superior than any is that women are just inherently better than men just by the virtue of being women.

I think it is this one which makes all the rest possible. Why else would sane normal men doubt and think that paying a woman for consenting sex is a sin against her? For the simple reason that in their heads it is established that no woman could ever do something as degenerate as sell herself for fun and profit but a rather sad backstory exists — a sick child, poverty, whatever. That every action of a woman is motivated by some higher purpose and good and no woman would chase mere materialistic wealth by fucking for cash.

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-19 at 21.04.05

Hmmmm..Clearly yeah, there is an unfortunately sad situation here—that 36" ass which she likes handled well.

Amazing how the feminist narrative contradicts itself. Let’s the call the fem monster F and play Q&A with it.

F:women are as horny as men,
so that means they love getting fucked right?
F:No that’s misogyny and objectification.
F:Women have rights to their bodies…
so they have a right to sell it for money, right? and you said they’re horny too that sounds perfect!
F:no NO woman would ever do that,  that’s exploitation by men.
F:women are ambitious, want a career, money and success too
exactly and some choose to get it by fucking men
F: no those are the victims of circumstances mostly created by men and patriarchy.

*slow clap*

I think their confusion and anger with prostitution comes from the fact that it’s an too overt and direct exchange of sex than they’d like to witness. This is because they all know at an subconscious level that they are indulging in it.

As Rollo Tomassi of the TheRationalMale says it, as a Man you will always be paying for sex. If it isn’t straight up cash then it’s in the form of dates, dinners and gifts, if it’s not that then it’s
your charming personality, looks and wit, if you are bald, fat and ugly then it’s probably your beta bucks for provisioning of her and her offspring. If it’s still neither of these then it’s the good mighty fucking you giver her which most guys today won’t because that would be “objectifying her”.

The transaction must happend and it’s not a bad thing at all, without it there would be no fucking.

But the anger with the prostitution method is that the Man is the initial initiator of that transacation. It is the Man deciding to get up and walk up to the market to spefically buy sex from a woman and the said woman has no option but to say yes because that’s her job.

While in the civilized romance coated version of it, the final say is still the woman’s. In fact the feminine imperative has an entire social convention of “wait for when she’s ready”, “give her time” etc. all set up to make sure women hold the final call and Men are convinced that “this is how it is” and wait like an idiot while she’s evaluating all other options. While for the Man on the other end it is the dreaded yet funny friend zone.

The fem culture also feels threatened because prostitution undercuts the illusion that being chosen by a woman as a partner is some life altering surreal experiene or a statement on your value as a Man. In fact if anything, it’s often the case that the most bottom feeding scumbags are the ones who get mighty laid and rewarded by the very women who claim to hate them in favor of nice guy qualities.

Prostitution if left all alone and allowed to expand freely might end this illusion and prove to the Men that what they miss so badly and lack in life is probably a good fucking from time to time and not a woman’s company or emotional presence, which somehow can magically bring them any more happiness than they would have without her in life. It might open Men’s eyes to the fact that the primary gain from pairing with a woman is purely physical and sexual and does not meet any higher motives like companionship which is how the fem culture currently sells monogamy to men.

To prevent this prostitution must be reigned in by legal laws under the pretext of “saving women” but laws only achieve so much and hence it becomes necessary to engineer shame and guilt in Men on a personal and psychological level to keep them from even entertaining the thought.

I would argue a step further that if you were to just pick a fav among prostitutes and indulge in her regularly she would probably meet the emotional sides of the fucking equation better than most wives and girlfriends. She’d probably actually listen than just act like she is listening. Of course the requirement for this is top physical health on your side which I believe becomes very important to keep a whore’s sexual attraction. From the sheer number of fatasses she fucks in her line of work, believe me having some semblance of muscle and a flat belly will do wonders for you in this. She will indeed give you her best. And if you are stupid and fall in love with her then you are on your own.

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