Monday, 23 January 2017

Mumbai BMC Election and Ward K-EAST

Jogeshwari is a poor area in Mumbai.

There are huge sqauthes of chawls everywhere. A lot of poor immigrants from all over India choose this tiny town to live in Mumbai for the affordable unlivable housing. The main road connecting the railway station is a literal fucking “sea of people” any day till around 11PM.

The dustbins overflow as they are rarely cleared, the traffic is never managed, the roads are hardly repaired. The police station probably matches the standards of one in a remote UP(the poorest state in india) village. Open gutters, uneven roads(probably some secret govt populatio control programme by killing the bikers). In one look you understand the town is definitely not on the govt’s priority list at all. And that’s so because it’s on any politician’s priority list, not even the ones elected to just work for this ONE TOWN.

Right now that politician is the BJP’s UJWALA SHRIKRUSHNA MODAK.

The poverty of it’s people is the simple reason why.

Now suddenly the broken roads with lose pebbles and cracked bricks are suddenly being fixed. Of course they are being made to “look nice” more than fixed. The sidewalk which never had a boundary is now getting one with huge stone like rectangle concrete blocks. The dirty walls under the bridge and the road sides is now being painted with all sorts of platitudes about cleanliness and there’s some messages put there by the single BIGGEST FUCKING BASTARD who made non-violent pussies out of Indians, gandhi. And the thing which gives it all away is an ugle clown drawing on one of the walls, shows they did not even get the time to think about something good as they are so busy campaigning.

YES, All this is happening now because the 5 yearly BMC election is scheduled for FEB 2017.

I always believe in talking about better economic and public policy ideas in a nice calm manner, but given Ujwala’s behavior now I just wana take the time out from being rational and get down to her level and call her out on the DEGENERATE CUNT of a human being she is.

She implitcitly has insulted all of us so bad with this tactic to beautify this garbage bin of a town in the final month of her 5 year term. The whore did not even have the decency to do some of this at least 6 months back.

I’ve heard she’s corrupt as they come as one should expect in a third world nation but I think anyone will a modicum of intelligence or empathy would definitely make a point to at least start the fake giving a fuck about ward K-EAST at least 6 months back.

Her address shows she’s pretty well of in the best area this town has to offer, aren’t they all. Even heard she’s got 3-4 flats well above her pay grade as a corporator. In a few years whe she’s licked enough boots and is promoted for party loyalty she’ll move to colaba. Isn’t that what all of this mumbai political scum live for? They live for Colaba. Even the mayor has a nice bungalow there.

One even simpler thought I have is why did not she start this fake work 5 years back? How difficult is it to get some funding and cough some to give us even leveled roads! She easily would have been deemed a god for that simple act, that’s how simple the demands of this small tiny town.

I think in the grand scheme of things she’s just not smart enough to think that further. She’s definitely not educated in any real sense of that word. Her profile shows mentions some graduate degree which I’m sure translates to a filthy BCOM. Expecting her to be well read in matters of economics, project management and public policy would be akin to fish riding bicycles.

Other than that the fact that doesn’t even have a website or any internet prescence being an elected public official in 2017 should tell you enough about her planning capablities. Or maybe she’s infact the brilliant one. She’s so sure about her contituency’s backwardness that she just pocketed the money BJP allotted for the website. Why bother with the internet in a town where most people are more concerned about the next meal or busy figuring out how to balance the bike on the uneven roads designed to kill.

Maybe she’s the visionary here, so sure that her illiterate electorate anyway cannot really surf the web, and she’s done her best to keep it that way, you’ll know if you see the govt schools here, kids on the floor with no fans. And maharastra’s rahul gandhi aka aditya thackeray has the balls to brag about “digital education”.

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