Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Making Values Stick

In my field of work I have to type commands like the following to find problems and solve them.

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And when I am not doing that I am out there finding more such commands to type in to make it easier to find the problems. I make note of all these commands so that I can find them easily to type them in when I am having problems. So just like countries my work too has it’s peace times and war.

Here’s the thing, no matter how hard I try to learn these commands during the peace times when the time for battle comes I forget how to use my weapons, I forget the damn commands and have to find them from my notes to put them in. And the rule of life being you will never find that which you immediately need, the situation is not a very nice place to be in.

But the commands I find with my blood and sweat and use during the times of battle always be with me during the next battle. There’s something about the panic, fear and the urgency and the sheer suffering in the experience that my mind makes sure the use of those weapons is not forgotten again.

Mind and Body

You must have heard of this mind body dichotomy a lot of times, of course those words have been totally fucked out now just like self-help, spirituality, meditation, travelling . .totally fucked out so bad that using them now makes people roll their eyes.

But this is something to think about, why have humans talked so much about this mind-body thing. Those buddhists guys don’t ever shut up about it and the way they used it and the philosophy they came up with later is probably one of the reasons that word is so fucked out now. I mean give away all your wants and just close your eyes and just sit for the rest of your fucking life—meaning don’t buy a tesla model S? Well fuck you monk.

I want to talk about the mind body dichotomy in terms of pain and learning. Dan Carlin has a good episode on toughness where he plays with the idea of “do tough times make tough people?”. Definitely is my answer. Unfortunately or maybe luckily we are probably not going to have those kind of tough times anymore where Genghis Khan is waiting at your city gates to sack it and then rape, loot, kill you all and then some more. Nor will we have a great depression, maybe some of those fuck ups which keep happening which gives employers a good excuse to clean up I guess but I doubt it’ll be anything really serious like 1928-29. Of course we are facing a little with the stupid muslim fucks who still refuse to shave their facial pubic hair before coming to work and when some of them got a chance to go stay in Germany they did some raping there, the fun part being the gals they raped were the ones who wanted them there, the wimmen cuntpowerment leftist liberal fucks all of them. One of them still didn’t learn though. Those muslim fucks will be taken care of eventually though, not a big existential worry.

And with that we’re all back in the basement with tyler durden. Of course ignore the anti-capitalism and anti-work propaganda.

Making your values stick

Going back to my story of remembering commands only when I’m made to use them in times of pressure—making them stick. I think values could be made to stick as well.

We just need to find a struggle, and till the zombie apocalypse begins(slow zombies hopefully) we have something else to work with or at—the gym.

Say you’re on a program like stronglifts(highly recommended) in which you start of with 20kg squats, that tests your thigh bones but is that it? What about when your thighs are sore and you are having difficulty walking around and your next workout day is here? What about when that weight is up to 60 then 80kgs and you are down on the third rep of the last set, jesus fucking christ fear grips you and you’re not sure whether you can stand up and you’re worried if your thigh bone will break and yet you do it, you finish the rep and then you go down again and do the rest 2 reps and finish you 5 sets. Did that only challenge your thigh muscles? Of course your heart is beating out of your chest at this stage but now you are sure you are thinking if you can do 80kgs then why not 82.5 next time.

You faced your fear of injury, you fought that voice in your head telling you to just put the weight down, it’s just 2 reps after all, your brain played back a memory of how good it feels to not have 80kgs weighing you down on your thighs and wanted you to just stop now. . and you chose to stay with the pain instead.

Don’t you think this daily struggle with yourself under the weights will help you to not give a fuck about tasting the dessert when you are at a party and everyone can’t shut the fuck up about how good the fucking ice cream is. Won’t it help you to choose between the new episode of that TV show and your programming video tutorial. What about living frugally because you are saving up to start your own business and not going out for drinks in an era when sarah just has to tell 800 strangers about how she was with jessica and 4 others at XXX and it was #fun #funn and #funnn.

In between feminists and the internet raising young boys and a culture in which appreciating someone else’s struggle with a few beers on TV in the form of mind numbing spectator sports and subconsciously patting oneself on the back for having the eye to appreciate it, the struggles of our time and hence forth are all but limited and so will be the values.

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