Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A quick one for the wimmeen

Let’s start by calling it what it really is, shall we?

And with the all the lying politicians and businessmen and of course business women, it’s easy to miss the reality so let’s see it once more so we really understand what this day and the empowerment is all about.

This one sums modern femninisty women up well, right? Portrays all those qualities of independence, ambition, smarts and boy attention to detail.You see she is a women.

SC20160308-204337.png - Windows Photo Viewer-2016-03-08 21_33_20.jpg

And with this one full points to facebook on not not encouraging unhealthy body types or as they like to say it not creating body issues by subjecting wimmen to some standard of haawtt!


And don’t miss out on how they pay due respects to black women and short haired women and I think the second one from left also has a head covering veil. . .fuck man zuker.

The next few should give us all some hope, hope that civilization just might survive thew scourges of feminism and islamism. Because there are people who still get it.

Then this one doesn’t do us any good by reminding us that after civilization does come out of the scourges we are going to have a lot of fat, unshaven armpits, unshampooed hair . .huge unwashed period blood stains? Fuck..a fatty with armpit hair and period bloo. .ok ok i’ll just stop.

And of course can’t leave the queen out, for the poor she gave them NREGA, for the muslims she gave them her everything almost no?, for the dalits and the jats she brought reservations, for the christians and again muslims she brought govt scholarships, and now for the women . .here it is, if only dogs could vote, she’d probably bend over.


All said and done I'm sure at the end of it we won’t have a lot chicks ..well humans who will be able to do this.

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And you might wana join.

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